Monday, April 17, 2006

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
Well... a lot has been happening lately:) Sorry I haven't updated it a loong time! Have you ever gone through a period in your life where things happen that leave you going "Whoa! What just happened"? That could explain whats been happening to me!
I've been having to deal with mistakes that I've made in the past...things I knew where wrong but did them anyway! But you know what!? Even though I get so mad at myself God and people around me are always reminding me that yeah! it does hurt but you know what? Its a lesson and God is growing me a preparing me for whoever and whatever He has for me.
School is almost over! In fact, I have exactly 29 days left and then comes Summer!!! It has been an intersting say the least! Frankly, I can hardly WAIT to start homeschooling next year.I really want to develope to things and spend more time with friends which I can't do when I'm in school. Don't get me wrong! I do enjoy school but its time a change and I am totally ready for it!
I've been kinda lonely lately! My best friend is gone on a missions trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. I miss her a ton! but ,Lord willing, I'll see her soon.
We had easter sunday and then dinner at our house yesterday. I was able to get some free books which is cool cause I am trying to build a library... well I gotta go... my brother wants to check his blog... write soon!