Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Ludy's

The authors of 3 of my most favorite books in the world! Never have I been so challenged...Enjoy!


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sorry so loooonnggggg... :)

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
Sorry I haven't updated in so incredibly long! It has been sooooo incredibly busssssyyyyy!
We had our youth group lock-in (where you stay up allll night!) on Friday. It was a TON of fun :) However, I was so tired! I slept 19 hrs. yesterday. I don't think that I could ever be able to have a night job. You miss so much!
Speaking of jobs if you could all pray...I am applying to tons of places and I really want to get the one where God will use me the most!
Well, nighty-night!

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Premiere for "The Return of the Queen"

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
As many of you know our family and two other families made a feature length movie "Return of the Queen" this past year. It took many months to finish but the end result was better then I think any one of us imagined!
The initial showing was at Liv White's (the writer, producer,directer, co-editer, and star) family reunion. There were over 90 people that viewed it and it was a huge succes! So we continued in our plans to have a formal premiere. Liv's Mom was able to get an arts council and the date was set! With almost 50 people there it was a huge succes! Liv's Mom had worked tirelessly to make everything go smoothly and with her effort's they did! Everyone throughly enjoyed it and deemed it a huge sucess!

Ok...so there is kinda the background here are the pics!

This is Liv White. She wrote the script for "Return of the Queen" while in Africa where her family serves as missionaries to Congo. She asked us to help her with it and so the vision to see it on the "big screen" was born! :) She plays the lead role of Ireth Tari. She also directed and helped edit it. She was very convincing in her role as Ireth and it was really neat to be able to pay tribute to her work at the premiere. Keep the scripts coming Liv!

My sister Jen had an interesting role to play...as a result of having a serious shortage of boys she played the other lead role of Angrod. She did a wonderful job...so good in fact that at the initial showing many could have sworn she was a boy! Either way, she added a lot of little touches to the movie and did a great job portraying a hero of the olden times!

Sadie Hawkins (a.k.a. your's truly) portrayed the emotionally gripping role (LOL) of Ireth's mother Nessa. She also was the main editer of the film. She had to do some pretty amazing stuff...like: jumping out of a window while 9 months pregnant, laying in the mud for 1/2 hour with ketchup all up and down her. Truly she added much to this film and even drew tears! LOL :) It was a huge relief to have the premiere because she felt like her work (at least for this movie) was finally paying off. It was great to see "Return of the Queen" on the BIG SCREEN!!!

As another result of a serious shortage of guys, Liv's younger sister Claire was called upon to play the dramatic role of Findario. The "mean guy that turns nice!" She did a wonderful job and added a lot of pep to the overall theme of the movie. She also added some funny moments! (mud slinging, being tripped emotional and nervous breakdown in the bloopers). It was so much fun to see her character develope! She did a wonderful job!

Ian Dodge wonderfully portrayed Anessen. Angrod's sidekick and loyal best friend. He was the one that made people laugh and the "hunk" the girls exclaimed over (especially Angela O'Casey in her role as Serethial). Everyone loved him and he added a lot. He sure stood out as one of the 3 guys at the premiere! We were all very proud of him. It was his 1st principal role and he pulled it off beautifully.

Belle Anderson played the part of Euranna; Ireth's youger daughter. She was a lot of fun and had to do some challenging stunts (getting soaked from head to toe in really cold water!). But she had a lot of fun. Belle was one of the youngest actresses on the set so it was neat to kinda have a "little sister". I think that she was glad to see the movie finished and is looking forward to beginning the next one. She has been in several smaller films and we know that this little actress is going to be going big!

Angela O'Casey has been getting into some pretty major roles recently (lead in "Clothes", and is looking forward to a lead across Ian Dodge in "Hope Prevails"). In "Return of the Queen" she plays Serethial; Findario's daughter who has a crush on Anessen. In the end she realizes that she has a courage within that she didn't know existed. She was really glad to have this movie completed and can hardly wait to start filming the next one!

Noah Webber was the youngest member on set. He portrayed Oronar; a 6 yr. old orphan boy. While not his 1st movie "Return of the Queen" was definately his first major picture. He was a great little acter and was really excited to see himself on the big screen! We look forward to seeing him in upcoming productions.

(Not pictured) Jonicca Bordin was one of the two villins in "Return of the Queen". Jonicca is an experianced actress and it was really cool to have her on set. She added a lot! She refused to watch herself though when the viewing occured but all that actually saw thought she did an awesome job!

Johnny Pembrooke portrayed the Black Captain. He also choreographed all the sword fights. Also an accompliched actor he added a lot both on screen and off. He is planning on getting married this summer and the whole cast wishes him well.

(Not Pictured) Beesh, though not in the movie, added a lot to the final stages. She was co-editor and also filmed some major scenes. We couldn't have done it without her. This is not her 1st project; she has worked on many different ones and she is planning on going to college for filming and broadcasting.

Well, that is all of us! Here are just a few scattered pics. from the actual premiere! Enjoy!


*Just Chillin'*


That is all and I hope that you enjoyed! If you want more just email me and I will send you some! Sorry I didn't get it sooner! Bye!

Whew! It has been busy!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
We finally had Tae-kwon Do last night! It has been cancelled alot 'cause of all the snow we have been getting! (uggg! I can't type today!). It was nice to see everybody again but it was soooo boring! Oh well...we have a make-up class tomorrow so we will see how that will go! I love Tae-kwon Do though! :)
Tomorrow is going to be a busy day though! After Tae-kwon Do we are going to Mr. M's house to watch "Return of the Queen" again. It will kinda be like a 2nd premiere. Oh and I am going to post some pics of the 1st one hopefully soon! So stay posted! I am also going to try to figure out a way to put links to other blogs...so pls. be patient!
Love to you all and happy belated Valentine's day!

Friday, February 09, 2007


Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
Wow! Thanx so much for all the comments! They were (and are) greatly apprecieted! LOL :)
Bookworm! You are not fat! AND BEESHA! I didn't even know you still read this! LOL!
I gotta go just a quick thanks!

Pls. pray for the family of Martha King...she passed away last night. Included is an intercept from her online journal:

"Marts journey here is over. She stepped into the presence of her Lord and Savior last night around 11:30. She was surrounded by family and friends as she quietly slipped away. Her battles here are over and she is resting in perfect peace.
Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support for Sam and the boys and also for the King and Fisher families."

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Anyone can comment!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
Yes, it is true anyone (including my very close friends) can comment as of today! So, I expect alot of input! LOL :)
I have to go get ready for part of my 5 hr. course!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Pride and Prejudice Tidbits!

I LOVE YOUTUBE! These are especially for Beesh and Liv ! :) This is the cleanist movie I have ever seen! They don't even kiss till they are married! I would highly recommend this movie! It (and the old one) are classics!

This 1st one is for Beeshes MOM! (She loves the song!)

This 2nd one is so great! I am sorry! I am such a hopeless romantic and when I find a movie ,a love story, that I would not HESITATE to watch with any age group it is so pure and good and clean! I love it! And all my friends are nuts about it too! So bear with me they will enjoy it :)

Love the piano and narnia music (LOL) in this!

I hope that you enjoyed (especially Beesh and Liv!)
Love always,


Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
Have you ever watched "Little Women" the one starring Winonna Ryder and Susan Sharadon? It is me and my sisters all-time favorite movie! (Well, one of them!)

This is one of my favorite parts of the movie (I got it off youtube)! It reminds me very much of my own siblings. We are all so different and yet still love each other. My sisters and I have decided that I am most like Meg (the oldest go figure!). The sister after me is most like Amy. And my youngest sister is almost exactly like Jo it is hilarious! The part where Jo burns megs hair...We laughed so hard when we saw it because (If I ever let her TOUCH my hair) I could see her doing it! :) And I think that her reaction would be the same too! Also I can just see and hear her saying "She's completely bald in front!" :) Anyway, I highly recommend this movie if you like family films! We love it!

Onto other things...I finally have some pics of the friends that came and visited us on New Years Day! They are very close to us and it was so much fun to see them. They are mennnonites

rom Canada and decided to surprise us! The man is a cowboy and is opening a ranch in Alberta for abused kids! He loves the Lord so very much and has made a huge inpact on each of us. Back row: Me, a schoolteacher that lived down the road for a year, the cowboy! Middle row: One of our very good mennonite friends that lives up her, My youngest sister. Front row: The sister after me!

As you can probably tell we had so much fun and hope to see them again sometime soon!

One longstanding joke that we had was when we were in Canada visiting them "the cowboy" :) told us to come back in 5 years and he would have husbands for us! So, everytime we see him we always remind him and we have a good laugh about it afterfward! Praise the Lord for friends!

Oh, Pls. pray that the Lord would be with the mexican that has been coming to our house. Something happened and he had to go back to Mexico immediately...He stopped by to say good bye and he looked like he had been crying and was really upset. He gave us his address and we gave him ours so hopefully we can stay in touch.

Thanx for putting up with me! Oh and Mel...since I haven't really posted a recent pic here I am with me 12 year old brother! I haven't grown in 2 years and we had taken a picture in the exact same position except he was not even up to my shoulder! Times change huh! :) Enjoy!