Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Summer officially begins!

Hey Fellow Bloggers!
Yes, school is officially out and now it seems that summer has "officially" begun! One way I know? It has been soooo hot and humid it's not even funny! Yesterday I was babysitting my little adopted cousin. We decided not to go outside because it was just too hot, but I decided to take him out on the front porch. We were out there about 15 minutes before I took him back inside,the heat was just too hot (LOL) for me! Makes me think of the missionaries that sacrifice daily in Africa, Paupa Ne Guinea and in other parts of the world were it is sooo hot ALL the time! Main difference? They have (usually) few fans and what's air conditioning?:) And yet they continue to sacrifice for the gospel...Kinda makes you stop and think huh?
We had our awards ceremony for school... It was about two hours and it was STEAMIN'! I could hardly pay attention!
I have just been reading over some stuff on Rachael Joy Scott and Cassie Bernell...two girls who died for their faith in the Columbine shootings...They stood up for Jesus Christ! They were not afraid to acknowledge HIM as their Lord and Savior. They had sooo many dreams and then they were killed and are now with Jesus and are seeing and talking with Him FACE-TO-FACE! I've been thinking about death, I am not some morbid person with a death wish! I do want to see Jesus though! These girls...I used to think that they were so old! Now, Cassie and Rachael were my best friend's age...17 years old! As a teenager, I sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that I will "live forever" but... the Bible says that "Life is but a vapor" This poem by Rachael really challenged me:
"Rachel Joy's POEM:
What if you were to die today?What would happen to you?Where would you go?Tomorrow is not a promisenot a promise but a chance.
It may not be there for you.After death, then where wouldyou spend your enternity?
Will you have eternal lifewith your loving fatheror will you be ripped fromthe arms of your savior Jesus Christ?
It is so true! It really challenges me...if you or I was to die today...what would our last day be like? Would we be ashamed of the way we treated others that we came in contact with? Would you go to be with Jesus? As Rachael said:
Thanx for reading...think about it today.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I'm Back!

Hi Fellow Bloggers!
Sorry I haven't updated in a looonnngg time...
I absolutely love this music video by Barlowgirl! It talks about how...oh! I just love it how God is ALWAYS there for us! No matter how many stupid things we do...He is ALWAYS there loving us.

That is what has been so neat this past year. Yesterday was our last day of school! As I look back I am totally amazed about how God used bad situations that left me going "God, why is this happening? What are You trying to teach me?" to grow grow me to be more like Jesus. Now, as I look back, I can say "Oh, that's why!" God is sooo good!
I have some pretty exciting news. The Lord has made it possible for me to be in a band! Which, I think is so ironic 'cause I've always dreamed about being in a band but knew it was impossible! Nothing is impossible with God! And Boy do I know it now! We will be,Lord willing, traveling around to different churched and ,hopefully, be able to lead some youth rallies. My heart is to, through this, challenge kids to not only be saved and have a knowledge of Jesus...but to have a personal,vibrant, growing RELATIONSHIP with Him...that Jesus would become their best friend just has He has ,truly, become mine... God is soooo good! (Have I already said that!:) )
Well, I had better go... so much has happened other than that but... I would be sitting here for weeks! Stay strong in Jesus! He will never let you down!