Friday, June 30, 2006

Camp Ahoy!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there! :)
Sooo exciting what God is doing in my life:) Here's a few of my thoughts that I shared in an email to a missionary friend:
" Hey! How are you doing? I have the most incredible news! I am OFFICIALLY the newest CIT at Bliss Summit Bible Camp! I am getting kinda jittery though because it is 3 days till countdown. :-) I am leaving on Monday for a week of staff training. I’m kinda scared because I’ll be alone…I mean… Ever since this past school year a friend from school and I had been planning to work together at camp. We originally thought that it wouldn’t work out BUT a few weeks ago she called and we decided to call the Bliss office and get applications. We did and I got my application, filled it out, and then got a call from Uncle Ben (all the guys are uncles and the girls are aunt or miss depending on if they are married yet. Obviously I am a Miss. :-) ) telling me that I was accepted. I was ecstatic!!! Then…my friend called and said that she wouldn’t be able to work after all because of some different circumstances… It’s hard… I mean, I’m excited about going but I’m also scared…what if I don’t make friends? What if others hate me and I have NO IDEA why? It’s kinda neat though because I’ve been studying in my devos about how as a child of God I am totally hidden in Jesus Christ!!! God is good! I do trust Him…it’s just kinda scary :-) So, I am going on Monday for staff training; then, I am coming home for a week to celebrate my birthday. It’s on a Sunday this year and since the camp wk. starts on Sundays I am just going to celebrate it early! Which, by the way, I don’t mind at all! :-) Then I am going for 3 wks. in a row. Mom is going to cook the last week so that the kids can come for free. The first wk. (the 16th through the 22nd) is youth week. That is ages 14 through 18…that’ll be kinda weird:-) I mean, an 18 year old waking me up to ask me if she can go to the bathroom…? The 2nd week (the 23rd through the 29th) is a Junior week. That is ages 8 through 11…big switch, but, it’ll be a blast! Then, finally, the 3rd week (the 30th through the 5th) is Adventure week. That is ages 11 through 14…my brother and sisters are coming that week. The girls are going to be in my cabin. Our friends are coming that week too…which, is kinda cool! The girl is going to be in my cabin too and the boy is going to be with my brother. It’s their 1st time at camp! They’re excited! So…I just thought that I’d write and tell you about that :-) Beesha warned me about the “3 C’s” ! Cute Christian Counselors! Oh boy! :-) "
If you can tell (DUH) I am totally cyched about this awesome oppertunity that God has given me :) He's pushing me out of my comfort zone and I just have to trust Him in the plans He has for me! Gotta Go! TRUST HIM!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ho Hummmm...LOL :)

Hey Fellow Bloggers!
Here's an update.
I sent out my application to Bliss Summit. Hopefully I will be contacted on whether or not I'm "in". I guess it's out of my hands now and I will just have to trust Jesus to take care of the rest.
I went over to my friends house this morning. It was a really good time! We talked, fooled around on the computer, and scrubbed (for ,like, 2 or more hours!) a stove and fridge that she and her husband were able to get totally free! Now, although they (well, the stove) needs to probably be wiped down is all set for her baking business that she is hoping to get set up in a few months. She also got all our homeschooling (our 2 families are doing school together this next year) material ,pretty much, planned out and ready for next year. I can HARDLY wait!
I am going to be a JUNIOR!!! I wonder if it will be any different than being a freshman or a sophmore! Hmmmm...gotta go! Talk Soon!:)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Exciting Turn of Events!

Hey fellow bloggers!
I am now a (hopefully) Counselor-in-training and Bliss Summit Bible Camp! I will work probably 1 week and hopefully more if Mom and Dad will let me! I am soooo excited ab0ut this awesome oppertunity! My heart cry is for young girls ...this is such an oppertunity to glorify and honor the Lord! I really am praying that I will be a godly example of a young girl who lives (or trys to live, failing and falling MANY MANY times!:) for Jesus Christ. I want to make a difference in these girls lives. Please pray with and for me!
We went to Darien Lake yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Our friends just got back from a wedding . It is soooo incredibly nice to have them back. We really missed them.
At our youth group meeting on Friday night the leader was speaking about how he is so scared for "2nd generation christians" ,which would be teens my age, because so often we get so familer with Christianity...that we begin to detest it. I pray that I will never become too familer and comphy with my relationship with Jesus,yet, it is a temptation that we all face. He also spoke about loving the Lord with a fervant love. Do we have a fervant love for the Lord and the Bible and prayer? Or, is it just another "routine thing that we HAVE to do"? May it never be so with us but let us love the Lord.

" And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself."
Do we love God with all our hearts and souls and strength? Does it show...think about it. What movies do you watch...what music do you listen to... what words come out of your mouth? How do you treat others? What traits and qualities are you know by? Is it the fruits of the spirit:
Love , Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-control?
Whew! that's a lot to think about! My challenge Him. He is not hard to find. Take that 1st'll never regret it!