Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dizzaly busy!

Hey all!
Yeah, It is getting pretty hectic. I no longer have a car either. It is dead. But I am just trusting the Lord to provide. He has proven Himself to be faithful to me over and over again. He is good!
Here is an article that I wrote and just submitted to Guideposts. Pls. pray that it is accepted...

“Does God have a reason?”

My question to you is this: Does God really have a reason for when things go wrong?
My Mom has epilepsy. In other words, she has seizures. Watching my Mom have seizures was one of the worst things my siblings, Dad, and I ever had to go through. Because we normally do not have any idea when or where seizures will occur, many of my childhood days where filled with “What if?”
I remember being in a grocery store. My Dad and younger sister were on a “date”. Dad takes each one of us kids out once a month to spend time together. Mom had my two other siblings and me with her. I was probably only five years old. I remember going down an aisle when a lady asked Mom if she would like some coupons. Mom thanked her, and they began to chat. One moment they were just having a normal conversation and the next Mom was on the floor, bleeding. I remember sobbing as I hid behind the cart. They called the ambulance and then they took Mom away. I felt so helpless and alone, but there was nothing anyone could do to help. I still shudder when I go down that aisle.
Mom did have medicine but sometimes it did not work. One summer she had five seizures within two months, and that is very unusual. Every time she woke up, however, the first words out of her mouth were, “Thank You Jesus.” Inside I would think, Why, why thank Him?
The last seizure Mom ever had was nothing compared to the previous ones. It was Mother’s Day, and we had family over. We had just sat down to eat when I looked over at Mom and realized that she was having a seizure. I yelled. Dad and my uncles jumped up to help her and then started to move her to a bed. I was in the living room just settling down to have a good cry when all of the sudden, Mom woke up. This was unusual because of the type of seizures she had. Normally when Mom woke up, she would be very tired and unable to move.
After that, Mom decided to go to a different doctor. He gave her some new medicine, and she has not had a seizure since. We believe God healed her. Still, in the back of my mind, I always wondered, why?
In the summer of 2006 I was given the opportunity to serve as a counselor in training at a small Christian camp in Bliss, New York. During the second week, a junior week for kids ages eight to eleven, I was asked to lead the nightly Bible study. My topic was how God protects us even at a young age, so He can use us later in life for His purposes. After the girls had somewhat settled down, I began to share with them this story about my mother and me.
When I was a newborn baby my mother would always make sure Dad was in the same room when she gave me a bath. This was just in case she had a seizure. One day she decided to give me one while he was in bed napping. For some odd reason she changed her mind and decided that we would take a nap instead with Dad. She had a seizure while in bed. When she awoke, she realized what had happened. If she had given me a bath as planned I would have drowned. But I did not drown because God had a purpose for me. He did not allow Mom to give me a bath as she had planned because He was saving me for something bigger.
As I was telling the story, one of my campers unexpectedly started to sob. The other counselor took her outside of the cabin while I continued my Bible study. However, I could not get over the fact that she had begun to cry when I mentioned seizures. Just as I was wrapping up my devotional, they came back. We prayed and then I went over to her bunk. I can not convey the depth of emotion that went through me as I knelt by her bunk and talked to her. As she cried, I felt again the uncertainties, the terror, and the hurt; except this time it was not me but another little girl who was hurting. I found out later that her little sister had died because of a seizure by suffocating in her pillow.
I went out onto the porch after I had calmed and prayed with her. Then the tears began to flow, not because I was sad, although that emotion was present, but because my question of Why had been answered. God knew what that little girl needed. She needed not only sympathy but someone that could truly empathize with her because I had truly been there. She needed someone who knew.
To answer the question, “Does God really have a reason for when things go wrong?” The answer is an emphatic yes. Sometimes He allows us to experience something so that later on we can help another person going through the exact same thing. He has a purpose for every single thing that happens to each of us. We must trust Him to fulfill that purpose in His time. It is something to consider.
“Trust in Him at all times, you people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. Selah” (Psalm 62:8).

It took a long time to write that but it just goes to show you just how faithful Jesus is...Do you have a relationship ,not knowledge, with Him? It is such a joy to be a Princess in the Kingdom of Heaven. If you have questions call or email me. Love to you all!

Monday, September 24, 2007

An amazing Sunday...

Hey all!
I am going to share with you a portion out of my prayer journal. God is so good and I just want to testify to that! So here it is Sunday, September 23, 2007:

~Dear Heavenly Father,
Wow! I have been reading through "When God Writes Your Love Story" for my devotions and the chapter today was centered on making You the center of our life (love and other). There are some quotes in there about giving God your all by Oswald Chambers:

"Tell God you are ready to be offered, and God will prove Himself to be all you ever dreamed He would be."
"The reason some of us are such poor specimans of Christianity is because we have no Almighty Christ. We have Christian attributes and experiances, but there is no abandonment to Christ."
"In our abandonment we give ourselves over to God just as God gave Himself for us, without any calculations. The consequences of abandonment never enters into our outlook because our life is taken up with Him."

I love those quotes just because after last night (Momentom 2007)I truly believe that is what God has for me. Or no, He has always had that for me but now I truly believe that I am ready to finally give it all to Jesus. In Genesis 22 is the story of how Abraham was willing to sacrifice his only son. To the point of picking up the knife...then God stopped Him. It was a test to see just how far and deep Abraham's commentment went. Abraham was willing to sacrifice everything. When he heard God's voice he did not ask questions but immediately did it.
Lord, today I am asking You to help me develope that kind of abandonment to You. Lord, when You speak help me to discern it and obey.
Father, I pray for the church service today. I have never really done this before but I pray that you will come down in POWER Father. Last night I was talking to ----- saying how there was going to be no one in church because the ------ aren't there but thats ok because I am used to it. That is so wrong! 1st, I beg Your forgiveness for that kind of attitude Lord. Sadly that has really always been my attitude towards Church and this morning You have just opened my eyes to that Lord. Father, I have been going for the people but no more Lord! I pray that today You would speach to me. Convict me of sin. Help me to pay attention and to grow in You. I want You to be the CENTER of my life Lord. I invite You to be that center. I love You Lord. In Jesus precious name, Amen.!~

So yeah, I went to church with a whole new attitude and wow! What a difference it made :) God is so good. And so merciful, yeah, I made mistakes but God forgives and today is a new day! I love this idea of instead of trying to build God into your busy life but build your life AROUND God with Him as the CENTER. It is radical but it will change your life! Blessings to you all :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Whoa...Momentom 2007

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
Whoa...that is all I can say! God is so good! Amen? I have just gotten home from a God-anointed event called Momentom 2007. WOW! It is a cowboy event and featured the glory riders. God has been doing some amazing stuff and through the seeds that were planted He will continue to.
I was so blessed my a lady that I met there. Here name was Sue and it never ceases to amaze me how when you talk to someone that you have just met that is a sister/brother in the Lord it is like you have known them forever. She just really encouraged jenny and I in our walks with the Lord. Also, she really opened my eyes to the fact that I need to just be patient in the Lord. It was so neat just sharing with her all that the Lord had been teaching me. She had this really good point that she shared with me concerning my future husband. She said "Your husband is on the other side of those trees. Now, ask the Lord to set your feet on the path towards that. Ask Him to prepare you and just walk that path trusting HIM." WOW! I needed that. During the worship service I did that. I surrendered myself to the Lord's service right here where I am and just repented for my discontentment and distrust in Him. What a blessing. What a freedom! I have been rechallenged in my faith with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Has that happened to you lately? Ask God to challenge you in your relationship with HIM. He will and you will be so blessed my it! God bless you!
Ps: I got my celly! :)
Also, in the links is the Glory Riders website.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blonde Moment!

Hey all you fellow bloggers!
So I am totally laughing at myself :) I am at school and I went outside to call my Mom... So she answers and I am like: "So when is Dad coming to pick me up?" And my Mother is like "Ummm...Katy, You drove yourself. Your car is with you!" WWWOOOOWWWWWW! I laughed soooo hard! I'm telling you I am losing my mental capacities (not that I had any to begin with :)) So, have a good laugh over that...I will be laughing for a lonnnnggggg time! :)
Have a good day!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Anne of Green Gables the 1st movie!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
Yes here it is! The entire 1st movie in the "Anne of Green Gables" series. It is on youtube! This is one of my sisters and I's favorite movie series! Enjoy!

Here is a music video! Sorry, I just love this kind of thing :) I am such an incurable romantic!

I guess one of the reasons I love this so much is it inspires me even more to wait patiently for my one true love! God bless!

Hey ALL!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
So, wow! How are you? I am great! God is so good. School is going really well. I have made some new friends and I am just really excited where God is going to be taking me.
I do need a job though...I had one kinda but then I decided that it would be way too much! So yeah, I am still looking!
I am getting a phone! YAY!
Today was Dad's b-day. I am so blessed to have a Dad like my Dad. I realize that more and more as I am growing older! I love him alot!
So my sisters and I have been watching "Anne of Green Gables" series and we love them! I honestly think that they are the best romances out there! They make me want to wait for my husband to be and only for him! Love you all and God bless!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

School alert! Wow I am so pooped :)

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
Here I am at school once again (hey that sounds like a song!). What a week, well, two weeks. Ever since school started. Just for the record, I love it! God has really been doing a work in me. It is so neat to see how He is working in my heart changing me and making me more like Him. He is so good to me! He really has just convicted me of alot of stuff that I have been...yeah...that hurt! But is is merciful and forgiving! Every single time that happens it feels like just a new fresh start when it is over (the process of getting clean again).
So yeah,I have been crazy busy with school. Today I am not getting home till like 6:30! I love all my classes. ASL is so much fun. Today I am meeting with people at Timmy's (Tim Hortens) for signing. I am so cyched! God has really just been pulling everything together! He is good! So, how are your lives going? You know my email. Byes!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Ranch!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
So things have been so incredibly bussy lately. Between the ranch, school, and other stuff it is like I have never stopped moving! So, let me update you on a few things...
Danny's at his 2nd day of school and he LOVES it! We were all so worried for him. Thank you so much for your many prayers! God is so good. Pls. pray that he will continue to love it. He had like 20 people come up to him and ask him if he was going to play basketball, wrestle, play baseball, and other sports. They really wanted him too because he is so tall! Go figure! :)
School is going really great for me. It can get stressful but the Lord is so good. I must say though that if Megan weren't here I would probably curl up in a ball and die! I was really upset and stressed last night just because all our friends are gone it can be hard being "left behind". Anyway, I was really tired (did I mention that) so Mom made me go to bed at 9:30 and it was WONDERFUL! I got up early and felt so refreshed. Much better than staying up till like 12 and sleeping in till 9 or 10! This morning Mom, Jenny, and I went to the ranch. I rode Amanda and Jenny rode Sam (the horse she is leasing so she can ride him anytime she wants to). It was just the 2 of us and we had so much fun! I am starting to be able to keep my seat even at a lope! Mom took videos and I will post them as soon as I can.
I might be getting a job at the YMCA! For an afterschool program. Pls. pray that it will all work out with my school hours and everything...
ASL is going awesome! I am LOVING it. Each class gets better. Today Megan and I talked to Nick one of the instructers after class. He was able to give me some pointers. We are going to meet on Wednesdays (hopefully) to start getting experianced outside of class. I am so excited!
Well, God bless and you all have a wonderful afternoon! Love to you all!