Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kiss the Girl!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
For a late wedding present for my best friends brother and his wife we made them a music video. I think it turned out really well. I hope you agree! This is the unfinished version (it lacks the actual kiss! lol) but I will be getting the finished version. I've included Ashley Tisdale's version too. Enjoy:

LOL :) Hope you enjoued them!

Major Catch-up is needed!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there! I am so sorry that I haven't written in a while. School has been crazy! But, thankfully, today is my last day! I have a math exam and then I am done until the 22nd of January! YES!!!!! I am so excited to be on vacation! :) Some crazy stuff has been happening...I had a really bad day and the Lord used it to help me make the decision to transfer out of GCC after I complete this year. Why? Well, basically, I thought when I started going to GCC that my walk with the Lord was much stronger. I have found out that it isn't as strong as I 1st thought it was...so I started to look into Baptist Bible College in PA. I had wanted to go to BBC since I was in 10th grade. I figured that I would just go for 2 years and get a strong foundation in my walk with the Lord. I talked to Mom about it and she was like: "Katy, God will have to provide the money 'cause we can not pay for it." BBC costs about 20,000 dollars a year. I went on the website and just "happened" to click on a financial aid link. I was thinking I could get scholorships and work my way through. Well, imagine my surprise when I realized that BBC accepts FAFSA an PELL which is how I am getting through GCC! I could not believe it! And then, an admissions counsilor told me that because I am a Pastor's daughter I would get 25% off the tuition. WOW! I was shocked! :) So I sent in my application and as of now I am just waiting for GCC to send them my transcripts and then with in a few weeks I should know whether or not I am accepted. I am sooo excited and terrified that I won't be but, I know that if this is where God wants me HE and only HE will get me there! SO yeah, pls pray that His will will be done. I would really appreciate it!
So what else has been going on? Hmmmm...I have been having a really hard time in my walk with Jesus lately...alot of old temptations and stuff that I thought I had conquered have reared their ugly heads yet again...Sometimes I look at myself and wonder who I am anymore...pls. pray for me.
I am going to Michigan on a missions conference with Oakfield Country Chapel. I am so excited as some really good friends of mine are coming and I get to spend a lot of time with them :) I will be gone the 27th-29th of December...
Christmas is one week away! I can not believe it. Danny found his gift... :( I got him the dvd: Meet the Robinsons and he accidently found it! :( It wasn't his fault though :)
Me and Jenny had a blast last night Jitterbugging! :) I made a video so here it is:

This is a video of real jitterbugging! It is hilarious :) Enoy:

Hey, what can I say...we will be professionals one day! :P LOL! Anyhow...I have to go get ready for my test. Hope you enjoyed the update! lol :) Love you all bunches!