Saturday, March 03, 2007


Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
No, I am not attaining stripes green or any other color on my person :) Us kids officially got our green stripes on Thursday! The test was exhausting but the result was great! It was so neat. The day before I just told the Lord to take ALL of me. So on Thursday I just gave my day to Him. A lot of cool stuff happened but that is for another time!
We had origionally thought that we were going to get tested. That fact was confirmed when Mr. McClurg (The head teacher) went to the multi-purpose room with pads and stuff during warm-up. Then as some other kids and us went out Jim (another teacher) looked at Jenny and said "Good luck!". That was the final clue! :) We aren't a totally clueless family! So we tested and it was TOUGH! But good! At 1st we thought that we hadn't passed because they didn't have the ceremony at the end of class so we were totally bummed! But then Mr. McClurg came up to us and reassured us we had indeed passed and were indeed green stripes! What a relief! We also found out that he is a Christian! How cool is that!?
So we had the ceremony on Thursday! Here are some pics...sorry the resolution isn't the best! Enjoy:
This is Craig one of our other instructors doing my stripes. We think that he looks like Hayden Christinson from Star Wars but we think that he is a lot cooler! In fact, his whole family is awesome! His Dad,sister, and him are black belts and his brother is a blue belt. His Mom orders stuff and does a lot of other stuff. They are really neat! So there is that...

This is Abby and Jenny getting there stripes. Unfortunently, Mom didn't get one of Danny getting his. So he already has them. Craig is doing them, His Dad is behind him giving him the tape 'cause he is so slow :), and Jim is the one standing at gimbee. The 2 little boys are new yellow belts, they also tested on Tuesday.

After Craig finally finished putting on our stripes all the teachers congragulated each of us with a handshake.

We bowed to our teachers as a show of respect...

Then we turned and faced the class. We bowed to them and they bowed to us in recognition.

As we headed back to line-up we were excited knowing that the next goal to start working towards was (and is) our green belt. We also felt a deep satisfaction knowing that we were (and are) one step closer to becoming black belts!

Well, that is that! One more exciting tidbit! We know are the proud owners of a new van! :) God was in it from beginning to finish and now we have a show-room condition marron van that God provided for an incredibly low price! To Him be the glory! Great things He has done! :) God bless! :)


liv said...

Really cool, and great job to all of you! I'm so glad that I got to be there to see it!! Nice pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS again!! and on the new Van too!!


Mel said...

That's soooooooo cool! Congratulations! You guys are going up fast! I wish I could have seen it in real life! Oh, well. The pictures are nice!
Well, you green stripes are all doing well!

Beesha said...

Congratulations! Whew, I wore out my fingers just typing that incredibly long word:) Seriously, I'm proud of all of you! I gotta go, I'm starting to tear up!

Beesha said...

By the way, tell Danny for me that I can't comment on his new blog, since I'm not a blogger:)