Friday, June 22, 2007

Should be a movie!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
Have you ever heard of Britains got talent? Well, it is like american idol. The winner was Paul Potts and oh my word how inspiring! He sings opera which I hate but this! Wow, oh and the judges faces are real...this is not made up! It is like an inspiring movie. You will understand why I say that when you watch this guy! Enjoy!

This was his 1st audition:

His 2nd:

His 3rd:

The Results!:

He won! Isn't that inspiring! Here was my other favorite and she almost won too!
This is here 1st song...she is 6!

This is her 2nd:

And this is her 3rd:

Wasn't that amazing! Even though she didn't win I think this little girl has huge things ahead of her! Maybe next year! :)

Hope you enjoyed this!

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Missie said...

Ok---that made me cry for some reason.... LOL! And I've only watched the first one! I have to "borrow" these for MY xanga.... :-)