Sunday, July 29, 2007

Life is PRECIOUS...

...and Friday gave me a new relization just how precious it is. It was a normal day. Dad had left for Mexico and Mom, Danny, and I had decided to go to Perry for some errands. The library was having a book sale so we decided to stop there. We browsed and then decided to go to the B's house just to visit. In Perry there is a horrible 5 way intersection. This is complicated by an arrowmart. I was going straight. To my right there was a street w/o a stop sign. The only problem is that you cannot see unless you are pretty much out to the middle of the intersection because there is a bush and hill and it is at a really bad angle. Well, I got up to the stop sign and sat there for like 2 minutes 'cause it was really busy. It cleared and I decided to go...all the sudden there was this red truck right in front of me. You know how everyone says "Oh you have time!" You don't! It was like time froze and I knew we were going to hit and I also knew there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. We hit. Thankfully I was going slow. I hit broadside the drivers side. God was so merciful! The guy was able to get out of his door easily. The van...the whole right headlight is gone! But, the left one which we just spent alot of money on to get fixed is unharmed. The bumper was ripped almost ripped off...but it took most of the damage and there is minimal damage to the van itself. God is good! The people that I ran into could have been really mean about it but they weren't...they were some of the nicest people I have ever met. We even got to witness to them and the 2 girls I knew from youth group...GOD IS GOOD!
Pls. do pray for me though...I haven't driven yet and ever since then everytime I am riding w/someone and we come to a stop sign I get really scared inside. I also have been having bad dreams. And tomorrow I have to drive for the 1st time since and I am kinda uptight about that. But, GOD IS GOOD! I mean, the air bag didn't even go off! We could have died. In fact, I know someone who died that way except the kid ran the stop sign. God is soooo Good!
So, here is my question to you? Have you thought about how precious life is lately? Have you taken the time to tell people you love and care about them? Have you thanked Jesus for allowing you to have lived another day? Something to think about!
God bless!

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Liv said...

I'm ssoooo glad that you are all ok!! And i'm glad that I could be there with you. It does make you stop and think..espesially me, b/c I'm driving now too!!! Us drivers have people's lifes in our hands, and we mustn't forget it! It was a good reminder for me to drive carefully! :) I love you! and am glad that you are ok!