Sunday, August 19, 2007

Whoa! Catchup is majorly needed!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
Have you ever complained that you never do anything and then all the sudden you are so crazy busy you can hardly breathe!? Yeah that is what this whole summer but especially this past month has been like!
Bullet points:
The Harvey's have left :( It was a very sad time and we miss them very much. Pray that the transition for them will go smoothly. I think this was the hardest time for them to go back. Just because they felt settled, and had a house.
Elisha graduated!
And is leaving on the 29th for PCC :( I am going to miss her sooooo mucho muchas!
I am starting college in 8 days! AHHHHHH! I am so excited!
I have a car! My Grandma and Grandpa Kelley are loaning me Grandma's old buick! What an answer to prayer! I had no idea!

Well there is a little bit of what has been happening. I am so sorry that I haven't been very faithful in updating. I will write ASAP! Love to you all! :)


mel said...

God is definitely at work in you! I hope you have a great time in college, and driving your car!
I am praying for the Harveys, too...thank God their luggage all came, and they had to spend less time in France!!! :)

melody said...

oh, I hope Elisha Marsh has a good time at college, too...I sadly don't know who she is very well...