Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Catching up...

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there! Sorry I haven't updated in a while... :( I have some pretty cool news:
I got my PERMIT!!!! I am so incredibly excited 'cause now I can officially drive!! I really enjoy it but man! you cannot do anything! I mean, you have to concentrate on a million different things! Oh well, it's still really neat!
Our youth group has really grown! We have around 20 kids now. Just pray that the Lord will still keep bringing more people...and also that he will save those that already go but aren't saved yet.
We started school! I really enjoy it. I mean, it is exactly my style of learning and such. It is a very independant style of teaching so,pretty much, I get my weeks assignments that are all due on Friday's and I do them at my own pace.
How's your walk with Jesus doing? I've been really busy lately and as a result I find myself not spending as much time as I should getting to know Jesus better. Not that that is an excuse! The Lord has been working with me on that lately and I am starting to get back on track! One thing about the Lord is that He never changes and always is there for His children! I have a wonderful Savior! I truly do! Thank Him today for saving you!


madralston said...

Glad you like how I do school!!!

Dave said...

Sup wich you... I still am not speaking to you. I find your content to be objectionable.
Froglegs are good with wasabi sauce. If you've never tried it, go to TCB and order some.