Saturday, August 19, 2006

A challenge...

On Wednesday a 20 year old girl that we knew was in a car accident and died at the hospital. She was beautiful, loved the Lord, had a great goal to be a teacher, and, she died...I was reading her obituary and was struck by the thought "What if I were to die at 20 years of age..." I'm 16 years old, that would give me 4 more years to make a difference in this world. I was struck also by the question of "What will I have done for the Lord in 4 years...what will I have accomplished for Him?"
I guess when I think of dying my mind autamatically thinks "Older" but...she was 20! She was in the best years of her life! It just goes to show that we DON'T KNOW! Do we live our lives with the mindset of wanting to live each day to the fullest, of wanting to make a difference in others lives, of wanting to touch as many people as we can with the love an hope of Jesus Christ?
What if you or me died today? Would we hear from the mouth of Jesus "Well done thou good and faithful servant." Or, would He be dissappointed in us...It could happen in an instant...are we ready?

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