Sunday, November 26, 2006

Exciting change of events!

Hey all you bloggers out there!
I am back! Sorry that it took so much time to update! These past few months have turned my entire life upside down...literally! Well, it started with a missionary family! They came and stayed at our house for 6 days. They are missionaries to Papua New Gunea. During the course of the week God really started working on me personally...I started arguing with Him! :) See in my mind I knew that God wanted me to have a ministry to abused girls. But in my mind it was a ministry that would be here in the United States. So anyway, I started argueing with the Lord. I told Him that I knew there was such a need out there in Papua New Guenea (PNG) But that there was a huge need here too. So, finally, on saturday morning I asked the Lord to show me clearly whether or not He would have me to go...on Sunday morning the missionary spoke and all through the sermon tears where just streaming down my face. Suddenly, my sister handed me a had two simple words ,written in my Dad's handwriting, "we're going". I couldn't believe it! But it is true! God has called our family to the mission field. What about me personally? Well, I took that note that my dad wrote as God telling me personally to go. And over the months God has showed Himself so faithful in opening my eyes to the amazing oppertunities that He has for me. He opened my eyes to the needs in the Philipines, Calcutta, Mexico City...I have such a burden for street kids and prostitutes...people...children that do not have a chance! I realized just last night though that there is need everywhere! So, for now, I am trusting God to show me where He would have me to go.
As for our is so neat how God has worked! We origionally thought about going toward PNG time went on it just seemed that somewhere in the middle the Lord closed that door. We are now looking into the people of Mexico...and we are praying about going with To Every Tribe Ministries...pls. pray for us that we would follow the Lord's leading and that we would bring honor and glory to His awesome name! For HE so deserves it! Praise His name!

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