Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hey all you bloggers out there! Here are some recent thoughts...I have really had my eyes open to what I should do lately concerning missions...I need to stop sitting on my bum and get out and start living my dreams! Start allowing God to use me where I am! I have realized just last night...I have had oppertunities right under my nose! I am hopefully going to be able to help with a youth group of 50 kids under 15 years old that are ALL either emotionally,sexually, or physically abused. One 6th grader is dying from anorexia...she wears size 2 TODDLER!!!! And her family doesn't care! This is 10 minutes from me! I have kinda been worrying about what God would have me to do after graduating. I have such a heart for street kids...abused and hurting kids, and prostitutes! How many have died? TODAY! How many young girls have lost their virginty? TODAY! How many kids have gotten high 'cause they can't deal with who they are...the fact that no one loves them? TODAY!!! It is such a big would out there and I want to reach these kids and show them love! Give them hugs and kisses...teach about Jesus! them...and show that love! I can't explain it! Ol, I have rambled on long enough! I hope that you could make some sense of it!

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