Monday, March 13, 2006

A wonderful memory...

Hey fellow bloggers!!
You know how there are those days that are just memories to cherish? Well, I had one of those types of days this past Sunday (March 12) . I got to have the priviledge of seeing my 81 year old Grandmother baptized... now is that COOL or what! Another neat thing was that my Dad (after he had baptized her) has now had the priviledge of baptizing his wife and all four of his children! God is so often do we thank him for it!?!?
I had an interesting week... we as a family have decided to really start making an effort to be kind to each other and not be so disrespectful and not have so many attitudes. The Lord really challenged me... I need to be an example to my family. I am the oldest and ... that carries alot of responsibility... I can't help but think of that quote from Spiderman 1 "With great power comes great responsibility..." You know, we laugh and everything BUT have we actually stopped and thought about what it actually involved? When you think about it it really becomes a challenge! It was kind of neat because last week for Sunday School our "assinment" was to study a character quality and I'm telling you!! Right from the get go the Lord was working on my heart! He impressed upon me to study the character quality of self-control... it seemed as though the whole week he was showing me my lack of it.:) After I had studied it I realized that I needed to lean on Jesus more to help me especially in regard to my family life. You know... it's so easy to be a wonderful,"perfect" person around your friends BUT have you realized that the REAL you is the person at home when no one else is around JUST your family? Scary thought huh? But! it can also be a challenge!! Take it and be the friend to your family that you are to everyone else.

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madralston said...

I wish I was there to see your grandmother baptized. But not feeling very well. Kindness does begin at home, not always easy (even at my age). I still work on getting along with my brothers and sister, and parents.
We do need to do a girls day of movies. Soon I hope!!

Have a good week!!