Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ho Hummmm...LOL :)

Hey Fellow Bloggers!
Here's an update.
I sent out my application to Bliss Summit. Hopefully I will be contacted on whether or not I'm "in". I guess it's out of my hands now and I will just have to trust Jesus to take care of the rest.
I went over to my friends house this morning. It was a really good time! We talked, fooled around on the computer, and scrubbed (for ,like, 2 or more hours!) a stove and fridge that she and her husband were able to get totally free! Now, although they (well, the stove) needs to probably be wiped down again...it is all set for her baking business that she is hoping to get set up in a few months. She also got all our homeschooling (our 2 families are doing school together this next year) material ,pretty much, planned out and ready for next year. I can HARDLY wait!
I am going to be a JUNIOR!!! I wonder if it will be any different than being a freshman or a sophmore! Hmmmm...gotta go! Talk Soon!:)

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