Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New oppartunities!

Hey all you bloggers out there!
God has been doing some pretty amazing things lately. And I have really been struggling with the what if's. I am so sick of doing that! I had a really good talk with my mom last night...I have realized that it really doesn't do ya any good to worry! I say that my future is uncertain, but, in all reality, it is very certain because I have Jesus in my life and as long as I am going HIS will...nothing can go wrong!
So, my Dad is hoping to go on a missions trip to Mexico this summer. I was going to go with him but was directed otherwise! I am really excited 'cause by the time that he leaves I will (hopefully) have my liscense and can drive my Mom and siblings around! YES!!!
Other exciting news...i am graduating early! Which means that I am doing 11th and 12th grade right now! God is so good! I can't even convey to you how thankful I am for His unfailing love, mercy, and forgiveness. So, I will be having a grad. party this year! I am glad of that 'cause if I had my grad. party next year a lot of people that I really want there would not be cause they are going back to the mission field! So, God has worked it all out for His glory. Like always.
I am so happy because starting this Friday I am going to start working with a youth group in Perry. There are 50 kids (and it is still growing by at least 3 everytime) and each of them are abused in some way. It is so sad. I am so glad that I am able to be able to work with these kids. I have to admit though I am kinda nervous! But, I know that if this is where God wants me He will guide me!
MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Yes, it is once again that time of year! I am so broke! Negative 3 dollars to my Mom. I bought a jar of pickles from her for my sister. No, I am not a complete weirdo! She ASKED for them! I don't know where she gets it...LOL! :) This Christmas is going to be great! We celebrate on Christmas eve. We are going to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast,then, we are going to go to a church in Fairport, then, we are going to go see the Nativity Story, then, we are going to go home eat pizza and wings (our "traditional" christmas dinner) and open presents! It is going to be a great day! But, lets remember to keep the Christ in christmas this year! God gave His best for us! Do we remember to thank Him for it?
Oh, about the Nativity Story here is a link to the site! It looks sooooo good! TTYL.

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