Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy almost New Year!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
Christmas is over and the New year is almost here...can you believe it? I can't...this year has been such a growing time for me. While I haven't grown an inch physically! God has really been working on me spiritually and mentally...Great things He has done!
So how was all your Christmas? We were all sick so we stayed home but it was still nice. I got a willow tree figurine (I love those!) from my Mom, books, a gift certificate to Joann's fabric store, and a purity ring.
The purity ring is my 3rd one in 4 years! Whew! :) The 1st one I still have but my sister bent it really bad. The 2nd one was an opel and I was shopping for camp one fateful summer day and I went outside to wait to get picked up and while waiting looked down and the stone was gone! I never found that! And now, my 3rd try, I was baking last night and bumped my hand and the stone fell out! It must be an opel thing! Thankfully though...I have the stone and my Mom is going to go have it fixed.
I have picked up with my sewing again. I think it would be soooo neat to open a store that specializes in dresses and skirts but cool modest ones! That i design...oh well! Maybe that dream will come true! WHO KNOWS what tomorrow holds!
So where are you in your relationship with Jesus at the beginning of this New Year? I hope that it is going well! Trust in Jesus and remember that no matter what You can always go to Him! Praise His name for such a chance to make the most of this new year are you doing it?

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He certainly has.