Friday, January 26, 2007

Catchup and some pics!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
I am really excited 'cause I finally have a chance to share some "candid shots" of my everyday life and introduce you to some people!
1st I wanted to post some pics for one of my very good friends. She loves photography and ,while I am more into movie making and editing, I like to dress people up and take pics too! These particular ones are of my younger sister. So, Car, here they are!

We had so much fun doing them and I thought that you would enjoy the end result! Sorry it took so long to get to you!

In other news! We as a family were so incredibly encouraged last night! I don't know if I have told you but we have started a ministry to the mexican migrant workers around our area. For a few months we have been having a man over for dinner about once a week. My Dad has also been teaching him english out of the book of John and he is helping us with our spanish as we are hoping to go to Mexico! That is his picture on the rightwith my Dad. Well, my Dad has been especially discouraged lately just because it seems as though nothing is happening with the church and nothing seemed to be happening with our mission stuff (he is going on a trip in July to Mexico though so pls. pray!). Anyway, He was really discouraged. He went to pick up the man and lo and behold he (the worker) had brought his nephew! Origionally ,because they know no english and we know no spanish, we had communicated through the laptop on a translation site but then the laptop broke...So Mom and Dad were a little bit worried about if they would be able to talk. They had the most wonderful, relaxing, fun time ever! He even invited Mom and Dad to come visit them in Mexico! GOD IS GREAT!!!! Pls. pray that more will come and that we will be led by the Lord. Also that these men will come to know Jesus.

Well, that is pretty much it! We are going to dinner at someones house tonight so I had better go get ready as we leave in about 15 minutes and I am in workout clothes!

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madralston said...

I love these pics of Abby. She looks confident and happy in them