Thursday, January 25, 2007


Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
I just wanted to share with you an essay that I just comleted for a school assignment. I hope you enjoy!

"I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriaty, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God." - 1 Timothy 2:9-10
To many people in modern day America "modesty" is a thing unheard of. The message being screamed at young people today is pretty much: "If you've got it, flaunt it." Sadly many Christian teenagers, including myself, fall for this wordly view on modesty. The problem is that Christians really do not have an excuse. Does that mean we dress in plain, ugly, sack dresses all the time? No, I don't believe that is does. To me, being modest does not mean that I can not dress in a pretty, appealing manner. It means keeping certain parts of my body that where meant to be covered...covered.
I know that people are always pressing this but it is so true. We as Christian young women have a responsibility to protect our Christian brother's eyes. Guys are visual. So what do you think that it does to someone when he sees a girl in the "latest" fashion of skin-tight jeans, a tight low-cut shirt, and with their belly's hanging out of their shirts? Think about it.
You are getting dressed in the morning. You pull on your jeans. You think "Hmm, these are a little tight in the upper area, but everybody else is wearing it." You pull on your shirt "Hmm, this is too skin-tight (but it flatters my figure) and this is just a little bit too low (but EVERYONE is wearing it)." Who are you fooling?
If you didn't tell someone that you were a Christian would they know that something was different? I am not saying that the level of modesty you have determines whether or not you are a "good" Christian. However, does your love for Jesus make you want to dress modestly?
Being modest doesn't mean dressing like a Quaker! Sometimes you just have to get a little bit creative.
Personally, God has convicted me of my own lack of modesty. When I was in front of the mirror I could see how it looked and frankly powerful showing off my body. It felt good! That is a big pitfall of mine. I must admit that I have worn some pretty sleazy stuff and that si something I deeply regret. So, I have decided to wear skirts for the time being.
Now, there is nowhere in the Bible where it ways "Wear skirts" but right now I believe that Jesus wants me to wear them. That is me personally though. This is a subject that wach one of us need to come to terms with personally between us and God. S0, the next time that you go to put on a shirt or anything think to yourself...will this draw attention to me or Jesus?

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