Monday, January 08, 2007

Youth Group leads to house in Perry...

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
Have God ever just...opened your eyes to where He wants you? He has done that for me! I went to a youth group for abused kids to help out on Friday. These were 5th and 6th graders...but let me tell you these kids know a lot more about the dark side of life than people 10x's their age. It is really scary!
I got home and I can't even describe the burden and heaviness that I felt for these kids. For example, one girl for prayer time described how her mom was almost beaten to death on Christmas Eve by her boyfriend. She described it like it was completely normal! I was talking to Mr. B on the way home and he said that was "light" compared to some kids that have shared. I wasn't thinking it was light as she described how "he picked up a cord to strangle her but she managed to kick it and break it"... As we dropped these kids off at their houses I was shocked how these kids live! How they have survived. I asked Mr. B that if I opened a house in Perry and told these kids to come would they? He said there would be no doubt...most kids just wander the streets all day because there is nothing to do and they want to be anywhere but at home! And those are kids like 10, 11, 12...the teens are smart enough to hide behind buildings, in alleys, and at the park pavilons. He said that these kids knock in their door all day and that they would move in an instant if they could.
Prior to this I had this growing impression that Jesus wanted me to stay here...but after Friday...He affirmed it! So what are my plans? Pls. pray that God would allow me to buy a house and that He would provide the money...these kids are our next generation! When are we going to start doing something and reaching out to them!?!
I wanted to go all over the world and what do you know? God brought me back here...10 minutes kids that are invisible but hurting. Could you do something where YOU are? Let God use you and pls. continue to pray for me as I seek to honor and glorify Him here! Love to all! Thanx for reading! :)


The Book Worm said...

You've helped alot!

mom said...

Hello my darling Katy,
Just a quick note to tell you what you already know, that I am praying for what the Lord has for you in your life. It is so exciting to be a child of God! Don't forget you are Katy, the King's daughter, all glorius within, your clothing is the finest gold. (Whether that clothing is skirts or jeans!) You have a lovliness inside of you that flows from your heart, hey, I just thought: sing that Judy Roger's song in church! That would be so neat.
Love, love, love,