Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sorry so loooonnggggg... :)

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
Sorry I haven't updated in so incredibly long! It has been sooooo incredibly busssssyyyyy!
We had our youth group lock-in (where you stay up allll night!) on Friday. It was a TON of fun :) However, I was so tired! I slept 19 hrs. yesterday. I don't think that I could ever be able to have a night job. You miss so much!
Speaking of jobs if you could all pray...I am applying to tons of places and I really want to get the one where God will use me the most!
Well, nighty-night!


liv said...

The lockin was really fun! I'll be praying that you get that job. ;) Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

The Lockin was alot of fun and I think that I have almost recovered!! Don't be counting on doing that again any time soon. LOL


Beesha said...

I'm just starting to wake up from that wondrously exhausticating weekend. You're in my prayers:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Katy I love the dresses in your premiere. Very nice. The light pink one was my favorite I think. I really love pastels.
(the farmer chick from Bliss)lol