Friday, February 02, 2007

Pride and Prejudice Tidbits!

I LOVE YOUTUBE! These are especially for Beesh and Liv ! :) This is the cleanist movie I have ever seen! They don't even kiss till they are married! I would highly recommend this movie! It (and the old one) are classics!

This 1st one is for Beeshes MOM! (She loves the song!)

This 2nd one is so great! I am sorry! I am such a hopeless romantic and when I find a movie ,a love story, that I would not HESITATE to watch with any age group it is so pure and good and clean! I love it! And all my friends are nuts about it too! So bear with me they will enjoy it :)

Love the piano and narnia music (LOL) in this!

I hope that you enjoyed (especially Beesh and Liv!)
Love always,


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I love that movie too!