Friday, February 02, 2007


Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
Have you ever watched "Little Women" the one starring Winonna Ryder and Susan Sharadon? It is me and my sisters all-time favorite movie! (Well, one of them!)

This is one of my favorite parts of the movie (I got it off youtube)! It reminds me very much of my own siblings. We are all so different and yet still love each other. My sisters and I have decided that I am most like Meg (the oldest go figure!). The sister after me is most like Amy. And my youngest sister is almost exactly like Jo it is hilarious! The part where Jo burns megs hair...We laughed so hard when we saw it because (If I ever let her TOUCH my hair) I could see her doing it! :) And I think that her reaction would be the same too! Also I can just see and hear her saying "She's completely bald in front!" :) Anyway, I highly recommend this movie if you like family films! We love it!

Onto other things...I finally have some pics of the friends that came and visited us on New Years Day! They are very close to us and it was so much fun to see them. They are mennnonites

rom Canada and decided to surprise us! The man is a cowboy and is opening a ranch in Alberta for abused kids! He loves the Lord so very much and has made a huge inpact on each of us. Back row: Me, a schoolteacher that lived down the road for a year, the cowboy! Middle row: One of our very good mennonite friends that lives up her, My youngest sister. Front row: The sister after me!

As you can probably tell we had so much fun and hope to see them again sometime soon!

One longstanding joke that we had was when we were in Canada visiting them "the cowboy" :) told us to come back in 5 years and he would have husbands for us! So, everytime we see him we always remind him and we have a good laugh about it afterfward! Praise the Lord for friends!

Oh, Pls. pray that the Lord would be with the mexican that has been coming to our house. Something happened and he had to go back to Mexico immediately...He stopped by to say good bye and he looked like he had been crying and was really upset. He gave us his address and we gave him ours so hopefully we can stay in touch.

Thanx for putting up with me! Oh and Mel...since I haven't really posted a recent pic here I am with me 12 year old brother! I haven't grown in 2 years and we had taken a picture in the exact same position except he was not even up to my shoulder! Times change huh! :) Enjoy!


The Book Worm said...

Cute! I look so fat in that picture!
You of course look good.:(

liv white said...

haha! When I was watching Joe burn Meg's hair, all I could think of was Jenny in "clothes" blooper! LOL! :)