Wednesday, September 12, 2007

School alert! Wow I am so pooped :)

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
Here I am at school once again (hey that sounds like a song!). What a week, well, two weeks. Ever since school started. Just for the record, I love it! God has really been doing a work in me. It is so neat to see how He is working in my heart changing me and making me more like Him. He is so good to me! He really has just convicted me of alot of stuff that I have been...yeah...that hurt! But is is merciful and forgiving! Every single time that happens it feels like just a new fresh start when it is over (the process of getting clean again).
So yeah,I have been crazy busy with school. Today I am not getting home till like 6:30! I love all my classes. ASL is so much fun. Today I am meeting with people at Timmy's (Tim Hortens) for signing. I am so cyched! God has really just been pulling everything together! He is good! So, how are your lives going? You know my email. Byes!


Anonymous said...

This blog thing that you have going on is totally cool! lol. God Bless Ya!

melody said...

hey K! Sorry I'm so bad at keeping up with your blog! I haven't checked it in like so long.
I'm so glad you're enjoying college! God really is good. He is teaching me! I'm having a good time in school, too, though I'm sure it's way easier than yours. :) but it's taking me awhile to finish each day--high school IS different! i'll try to email soon!


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