Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blonde Moment!

Hey all you fellow bloggers!
So I am totally laughing at myself :) I am at school and I went outside to call my Mom... So she answers and I am like: "So when is Dad coming to pick me up?" And my Mother is like "Ummm...Katy, You drove yourself. Your car is with you!" WWWOOOOWWWWWW! I laughed soooo hard! I'm telling you I am losing my mental capacities (not that I had any to begin with :)) So, have a good laugh over that...I will be laughing for a lonnnnggggg time! :)
Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

Hey! everybody has a blonde moment. I even have blonde moments and i don't even have blonde hair! (ha, ha) have a swell day! God Bless!

madralston said...

ROFL!! I am not blonde and would do that. That is soooooo funny!!
Thanks I needed a laugh!!