Saturday, November 10, 2007

RIT Here I come!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
So I had an amazing day today! Sarah (K) and I went to an open house up at RIT in Rochester. Wow, talk about was amazing and yeah kinda scary too. But you know what I am so confident that this is what the Lord has for me right now at this time. I believe that He has placed me here for such a time as this.
As you all know I have been having a really hard time in my relationship with Jesus and just not content blah blah blah....pls still pray but just to let you know God is doing some amazing stuff.
Last night us three girls ended up going to the B's youth group. It had been a hard day especially for Jenny because it was the 4th anniversary of Mrs. millers death. So, Mrs. B invited us to just hang out at youth group with the girls. The age group was 5th-7th grade. None of us have ever seen God work in such mighty ways! WOW!!!! 3 girls were gloriously saved, one girl recommitted her heart to Christ, and another is so close to Jesus. WoW! You have to remember that these girls are the lowest of the low most of them...they are the "bad kids" the ones with "reputations" yet, God has just been transforming lives. It was amazing and us kids are going to start going just to spend time with and be a positive influence on these kids. I am so excited. God is sooooo good :) Blessings to you all!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Katy! that is so cool! lol I hope that in a year and a half I can get accepted to my dream college SUNY Geneseo! It is the coolest teaching school ever! I hope 2 apply for it soon! pls. School is so boring now cuz of research paper 2 work on! God Bless! ~Victoria~