Saturday, January 26, 2008



I got accepted to Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit, PA (BBC)! I am so incredibly excited! I got to visit the college and spent 2 nights in Carter Dorm L suite. It was really fun and everyone was so nice. Seriously, the only way at you could not make a friend is be staying holed up in your room with the door locked and not speak to anybody.
The campus itself is absolutely gorgeous. It was originally a monastery so the architecture is breathtaking. Plus, it is on a summit (Clarks Summit) so the whole valley just stretches around it. Absolutely gorgeous…
It is so neat how the Lord has been providing already. When I got back I kind of started to panic. I mean, not only does it cost $20,000 a year but that does not include actual living expenses. I was sitting on my bed just thinking and it was almost as thought God spoke to me. Just asking me if I could trust HIM to provide... So I had to make that choice.
That evening I gave a testimony of what the Lord had done in my life since I went on a trip to a mission’s conference in Michigan. One of the quotes I shared that night had to do with trust:
“If I can explain it…God didn’t do it.”
How true that is! That night I told everybody that I didn’t know how I was going to Get to BBC and how in and of myself I know I couldn’t but I knew my God could!
Once I made that commitment to trust Him no matter what happened things really started to happen!
This may sound so dumb but, one of the things I had been worried about getting was dress pants. Basically you have to wear them Monday-Friday to classes and chapel. After that you are allowed to change. Anyway, dress pants can be really expensive and I knew that I would need quite a few pairs. The day after giving my testimony and making that commitment Mom and I went shopping. I decided to just stop at the thrift store and see if they had happened to have any dress pants. Did they ever! I walked out with four pairs of dress pants, p.j.’s that were originally $17 and warm stockings for $17.30 total! Now is that God or what! I did not realize how much of it was really God until I went home. One pair of pants had the original tags still on them. I found the price tag and it turns out that that one pair of dress pants was originally $34.95. And I got all that other stuff for $17 dollars! Again:
“If I can explain it…God didn’t do it.”
The Lord has also provided a laptop for me which I needed desperately for school. It just goes to show how great our God is!
Even though it may seem a little tacky, I have that price tag on my dresser and every time (seriously) I have started to doubt God since He brings $34.95 to my mind as a reminder that He is my Provider. What a blessing to be the child of such a wonderful Heavenly Father! Praise His Holy Name!


Anonymous said...

yeah god is holy and mercyful! and it is also cool that u got a bargin at the thrift shop buying clothes! i like 2 shop @ thirft shops they r cool. I'm also happy that u got a labtop! I'm really really glad that u are happy right now by soon starting a new chapter in your life by going to BBC. ~You Go Girl~

Olivia said...

hey katy, that's really cool. I love you!