Thursday, January 31, 2008

Praise the Lord! (PTL)

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there :) PTL I have finally gotten my act together and committed to putting Christ 1st and foremost in my life. It took me long enough but the Lord helped me to finally realize that I needed Him and I could only survive with Him...
Part of the commitment I made was to let go of certain temptations in my life that were pulling me away from Jesus. Some would think they were silly things but in truth they had all really began to effect me. Things like: fiction books, to much time spent on the internet, and then making the commitment to be in the Word each and everyday...making the commitment to MAKE time to be in the WOrd every single day no matter how busy I am.
Being in the Word everyday was the really inmportant thing that I wanted to focus on...
I want to be in Women's Ministries, in fact, that is what I am (as of right now) going to major in. I realized that I can not expect the Lord to allow me to minister to others in His name when I am really not living 100% for HIM. How will I or anyone be able to really council someone if we ourselves are not constently drawing from His Word and Prayer/Fellowship with Him. In the long run, it is really not possible! I did not make this commitment because I am legalistic or just trying to put on a show. GOd brought me to the end of myself and I realized (once again)that I am nothing without Him.
I was having my devos the day after I made this commitment and I found this really neat article of the Rebelution blog (which you can get to from my links section):

"Now it might seem confusing that we are telling you to not despise the day of small things, but also to avoid getting stuck there, and to keep going. We quote Jim Elliott saying, “Wherever you are — be there 100%” while also instructing you to pursue every open door. It could seem like we want everyone to “stay where they are” and “move” at the same time.

In reality our hope is that you would learn to throw yourselves 100% into the small things God has in front of you, but to not get so comfortable there that you miss the next thing, the bigger, better opportunities He brings your way when you keep your eyes open for them. We want you to be like someone who has been faithfully exercising, but is constantly looking for opportunities to use the strength that he or she has developed to serve others in a productive, real world situation.

One of our mother’s favorite sayings is the line, “Hustle while you wait.” She might tell us that after dinner when we are all sitting around waiting for dessert but the table hadn’t been cleared. She would get the dessert all served out but often wouldn’t bring it to the table until everything was completely cleared. ‘Hustle while you wait’ meant that something good we wanted depended on our quick and cheerful execution of a task immediately in front of us.

In a way, that is God’s command and promise to you today. Don’t despise the day of small things — do them with all your heart — and as you are faithful with that which is little He will put you over much. Keep moving, hustle while you wait, and the door of opportunity is sure to open to you. That is the kind of God we serve."

Isn't that great? So, my challenge to you today: Live 100% for the Lord...we only have a limited time here on earth, don't waste it. May God bless you all richly this day...

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Anonymous said...

the article is really cool and it can speak to the minds of lots of people. so r u going to school to be a woman pastor? god bless!