Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Vacation Recap!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
I am really sorry that it has been so incredibly long since I have updated :( This vacation has been so incredibly crazy, wonderful, tiring, exhilirating, scary, and just a time of total trusting in Him (or at least trying too :-) ) So here is a recap:
Well, I went on a Missions conference trip to Michigan like 2 days after Christmas. We left on Thursday and returned on Saturday so I spent 16 hrs. in a stinking car over 3 days! In spite of that it was the most amazing experiance of my life. This is our whole group:

~1st Row: Tim Monger (the leader and organizer), Brian and Ethan Thompson (our group).
~2nd Row: Sarah Britton, Me, Stephanie (our group), Cynthia Nickols, Mrs. Nickols, and Dan Nickols (their family was the worship team).
~3rd Row: Brad (our group), Charlie Mack (Campus Crusades for Christ), Tyler (our group), I can't remember his name but he was really nice, Ashton Raduns (our group leader), Mr. Nickols (rest of the worship team).
~4th Row: Ron (missionary to Japan for 24 years), Bruce (a missionary), Jack (youth pastor and speaker for the general sessions), Brian (student), Big Ed (missionary), Katie Scarborough (my friend who I came with), Sarah Scarborough (Katie's sister), Nathen Radens (Ashtons husband and our leader).

In the 400 churches that were invited we were the only one that came. There were only 24 of us but what a slice of Heaven it was! I have never experianced the closeness and intimacy that we experianced with other Christians that I have never experianced ever. It was so wonderful and none of us wanted it to end :) I made some forever friends there and God really worked in me personally...

Besides us 5 girls (including Ashton) there were 2 other girls Sarah and Cynthia. We bonded so quickly it surprised all of us I think :) God was the focal point of our time there and I think that is what really made our relationships with eachother so deep. Here is a picture of us girls, what a group we were!:

On the left: Katy, Sarah, Cynthia, and Me
On the Right: Ashton, Stephanie, and Sarah

There were 2 Sarah's (yes same spelling) and 2 Katy's (Katie's) in a group of 6 girls! That was fun :-)

Another thing that God did was totally confirmed to me was BBC. As many of you know I had been considering transfering there in the fall of '08 and had even gone so far as to put in my application for review. During the conference that is what was going on. GET THIS! In the 14 other people that werer there 4 of them where a family. Mr. and Mrs. Nickols, Dan and Cynthia. Dan is currently going to BBC and Cynthia was already accepted there for the fall of '08! How amazing and what an amazingly awesome miracle that was :-)
Me and Cynthia (pictured below) got really close especially when we realized how alike we were and that we both wanted to go to BBC. That was a definate God-thing!

So, after weeks of waiting and wondering and stressing I got THE CALL...Dun, dun, dun...I AM GOING TO BBC IN FALL '08!!!!! I got ACCEPTED :) I am so excited :-) God is so good!! I am going to visit this upcoming weekend and am kind of nervous but I think I will enjoy it. :-)

So what else have I been up to? Well, spending time with my friends and family. Elisha and Valerie are home so it has been really nice :-) Here are some pics we took together:

I will continue this later I have to go... Blessings!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad that u had a fun time doing missionary work. Congrats on being accepted to BBC in '08! i will miss u next fall ):