Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Greatest Weapon in the World:

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
So I spent some time with the B's youth group today and we were talking about the words that we say and how they can hurt people and how they are so powerful. Wow! Talk about convicting...I think that it is hard because so often we as Christians really do not think about the words that come out of our mouth even jokingly.
I mean, how often do you say things like "You are so stupid." or "You are such an idiot." Or other stuff like that and do not stop and think about the consequences that one phrase could have on someone.
I don't know about you but I think that the Lord really wants us to learn to watch the words that we say to others even if it is only meant in jest. We need to remember that we are reflections of God Himself. So here is a question I have been asking myself: When people look at me, who or what do they see? Who do I reflect? Who do you reflect?
Also today I was just reminded again about just the importance of family. One of the youth group girls was sharing about how her Dad will say "I love you." to her sister but not to her. And how she told him that the only thing she wanted for Christmas was for him to come to her christmas concert but he said he was not and that they are soo stupid and ended up not going. SHe is so desperate for her Dad's just breaks my heart. It is to girls like this that come from sad and broken homes that I wish to minister too. Anyway, I just was struck anew by how blessed I am to have a Dad who tells me multiple times a day that he loves me and shows it to me daily...I am really blessed!
Please pray that I would be able to minister to more girls like her...
Blessings to you all!


Anonymous said...

I will be praying for you Katy! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that you will do fine ministering young girls! it is like teaching... kind of! it takes patience, it does not come overnight!