Sunday, March 30, 2008

Catch-up needed!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there! I am sorry that it has taken so incredibly long for me to write and up-date you on what has been going on in my life. Whenever I had the chance...the words just didn't come out right you know? Anyway, tonight I am going to give it a shot!
SO what has been going on in my life since I last wrote? Hmmm...lots to tell! :) My last post that I! We have met an amazing family! And yeah... SO much has happened since then. God has been working in so many incredibly ways in my life and our families life. It really has happened since He brought the Backlas' into our lives. We have really just bonded-2 lonely families and then all the sudden we had people to be with and has been great. For a while after I decided not to go to BBC I was torn with what I was supposed to do and what I wanted to do. You know me...always wanting to leave and see the world and then get married and settle down and have a family. It just does not seem as though that was what the Lord had in mind though. ANd what do you know? I am still here...with no manly prospects :) That was A LOT to give to Him and it has taken a lot to do it. But the neat thing is that as I give it to HIM...He is giving so much to me :) I mean, yeah, it seems so weird that just having a family that loves each and everyone of us for our own personalities has made such a differece in each of us. We have all been growing sooooo much closer as a family! And Danny! Oh my word! The Lord has done such a work in him. And you would not believe the difference in him since becoming friends with Louis. Louis to him is a brother, mentor, and best friend all in one. THe best thing is that Louis loves Danny for who he is and does not try to change him as so many other people over the years have tried to do. Danny has just bloomed! I mean, he has become so much more sensitive and loving and less annoying. My brother is becoming one of my best friends! How AWESOME is that? It has been so neat watching him grow up physically (Grandpa measured him on the door today and he is 7/8's of an inch shorter than Grandpa Kelley! He is over 6 ft.!) but also watching him grow spiritually. It has been really neat!

SO much has been happening to us girls since knowing the backlas' as well. It is like having another brother and close friend! It is really neat! Louis is becoming one of my closest friends and it is not weird at all! GOd has been teaching me about waiting and yeah, it is just really neat having another little brother. He is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met along with Michelle and Fred...God has just been blessing us!

HIS plans are sooo much better than ours! Even though we are getting really close to the backlas' I will not say that there haven't been some tear-filled nights and alot of uncertainties about what the Lord wants me to do BUT I can tell you one thing...My GOD IS SOOOOO FAITHFUL!

With the whole guy thing...I was really upset and I wrote an old friend and mentor and her reply was this:

"Just think what could happen to your love relationship with Jesus if you turned that desperation for a guy into desperation for HIM!!!!"

WHOA!!! Talk about...just direction and a reminder from the Lord! :) Yeah! I bowled me over and really made me think about it for the 1st time in a really long time. My desperation for a guy to love me was overshadowing my love for the Lord...Got lots to work on! But again, MY GOD IS FAITHFUL!!!!

That is something to think about...that quote...AGAIN:

"Just think what could happen to your love relationship with Jesus if you turned that desperation for a guy into desperation for HIM!!!!"

Love you all! :)


Anonymous said...

so what do u plan to do after GCC? r u going be around in the area or r u going to travel. well u know that i'll still be at GCC 4 my last semester hopefully! well i was just wondering? god bless!

Anonymous said...

Amen to the quote from your friend, Katy! Jesus loves you more than any man could, and you will have His love the rest of your life no matter what happens. :-) He is also the one who can provide the man of your dreams in His time. Looking forward to what God has planned for you, dear Katy!
Love you!