Thursday, May 29, 2008

15 years old!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there :)
YEs, Jen is now 15 years old! We had a big party for her and Beesh and Valerie spent the night. It was really fun. SO now I am 17, Abby is 16, Jen is 15, and Dan is 13.
So I had a really interesting experiance yesterday. My 1st trip to the ER. I was running up the steps of the church and majorly cut my toe! It was is alright now though, I had to have it butterflyed shut.
Hm...nothing else has really happened. Mom and Abby will depart for CO tonight. So the rest of us are on our own. I think we are going to starve :)
Yes, so, that is my interesting news! Kinda short...oh well.


Kelly Bryant said...

I still have you beat in painful accidents...

HIS daughter said...

Yes you do...and I am not going to try to win on this one :p

Anonymous said...

glad it wasn´t more serious! :) it reminds me of the time when Abby cut her finger... :) Olivia