Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fun, fun, fun!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
I AM FREE FROM SCHOOL FOREVER! Well, at least for now! I am so happy to have this year behind me and kinda have the oppurtunity to start over.
Work is going well. I am still trying to get used to some of the situations that happen but overall, I enjoy being a secretary/receptionist!
Beesh and Valerie are home from school :) Last night we got to go to the drive-in with Aunt Val and watch Prince Caspien and College Road Trip. It was really fun. THe really neat thing was that we got to talk a lot about stuff and stuff and more stuff. We also got to take a lot of pictures together. I will post some at the bottom.
So, I now have a new blog. It is a guys and girls perspective on real-life issues like modesty, purity, and other stuff like that. I posted the link in my links section: The Issue.
So yeah, that has been my life lately...kinda boring :) Hopefully some stuff will happen soon! Until then, I will try to update more often :)

Here are the pics...enjoy!

Me and Elisha on our way to the drive-in...

Need I say more? Me and Elisha...yeah what can I say? We are strange!

At the drive-in on top off Hammy (Valerie's car). The funny thing is that the lady pointed us to the wrong screen so we sat at Indiana Jones for 2 hours before it started. Then when it started we were like: "Harrison Ford isn't in Narnia."

The 3 stooges reunited again! Me, Valerie, and Elisha on our way to church.

Me and Valerie! We are so cute!

"DO we have to look like we can tolerate eachother?" LOL :)


Kelly Bryant said...

Please tell me there's not Mountain Dew in that twizzler!

HIS daughter said...

NO there is not! lol :)

Kelly Bryant said...

yo! I have to do boy's bible study right now, but i'll be on later, probably 10ish my time.

Kelly Bryant said...

Evangalizing Tips for Teens

...set to go off tomorrow whenever you are ready...i'll have mine sometime late-morning tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... It looks to me as if you are having fun, Katy! Good for you! I hope we can have some fun too. ;-) Love you! Gloria

Anonymous said...

Love those pictures. It looks so sunny and nice there! Say hi to Elisha and Valerie for me. Olivia