Saturday, February 02, 2008

Typical Saturday Morning!

Hey all!
So, it has been a pretty typical Saturday at the Case household. We went to Tae-kwon Do this morning and then got back and have been just doing stuff around the house really. Jen is at a skating thing so...yeah...we are so boring! lol :)
Actually, I wanted to share with you all something that was totally not boring that I learned in my devos today...
I have been reading through a Voice of the Martyrs and I was stuck by this quote:
"Spiritual maturity is not measured by a birth certificate. Chronological age has little to do with conviction. Rather, spiritual maturity is measured one day at a time. We measure our maturity by how well we daily apply our faith. Contrary to popular belief, spiritual maturity is not how much we know about the Bible, many people are very familar with the Bible, yet they remain strangers to spiritual maturity. Obediance to the Bible's commands is the mark of maturity. One question will help us know how well we are growing spiritually. We must ask ouselves each day, 'How much more do we look like Jesus today then we did yesterday?' Our answer is a true reflection of our growth."
"How much more do we look like Jesus today then we did yesterday?" That can be a scary question! I find myself wondering if I will ever be more like Christ...This is my challenge to you: Today are you closer to the Lord Jesus Christ than yesterday?

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