Sunday, January 04, 2009


So for Christmas one of our dear family friends gave us a dvd of Louie Giglio who is a speaker that among other things shares pictures from the hubble telescope and stuff like that. The neatest thing is the Jesus Christ and the cross are preached! Anyway, so all of us watched the dvd and I cried it was just so powerful but then today I went online wanting to find some more video clips (he has 5 dvds out I believe) and I found this video. It is like 9 minutes long but I assure you it is so worth the time to watch! This dvd I believe was using the wonders of the human body to honor and glorify Christ. Let me tell does! This is from a message entitled: "How great is our God!"

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marie said...

Katy, thanks a lot for the encouragement on my blog! It is pretty neat that the Lord is leading us towards some of the same stuff. I hope you're doing well..... thanks again!