Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Patience is a virtue...that I don't have enough of!

Actually it is also one of the fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23) which as Christians we should be bearing. With that in mind...the Lord has been teaching me to wait PATIENTLY on Him AND surrender my all.

So if you do not know me it would not take you long to realize that I am NOT a very patient person! I have always been the one to get an idea and then go do it which when you have not brought it before the Lord, really isn't the best thing. The Lord started teaching me a lesson in patience when I broke my foot on November 1st. All the sudden I was really unable to move ESPECIALLY not quickly. So, I had to slow down a bit, but then the cast came off, I got back to my go-for-it-without thinking most of the time ways. I started acting as though my foot was healed (when it most definately WAS NOT) and because of that I developed some complications and now am in my 3rd week of not working and being back in the cast with not much mobility.

Unable to go and do my normal things that I thought were "necessary" I sat before the Lord and realized that He was trying to teach me a lesson. Through various happenings ,that would take forever to type out, I realized that I was so intent on what I thought that I "needed" that I was jumping ahead (in some areas WAY ahead) of were the Lord wanted me. I had allowed Him to write my life story but I had been penciling in what I thought were things that He had skipped over. NOT GOOD TO DO!

One thing that I have always wanted to be is a wife and mother. The Lord started asking me a few months ago if HE was enough for me. The sad thing was that for the longest time He was not. When I truly surrended my ALL to Him however He did become enough.

"Lady in Waiting
is not about finding the right man,
but becoming the right woman.
The lady in waiting
recklessly abandons herself
to the Lordship of Christ,
diligently uses her single days,
trusts God with unwavering faith,
demonstrates virtue in daily life,
loves God with UNRESTRICTED devotion,
stands for physical and emotional purity,
lives in security,
responds to life in contentment,
makes choices based on her convictions,
and waits patiently for God
to meet her needs."

The whole waiting patiently for God to meet my needs...yeah, God is so faithful and I am in just in awe that He would love and care for someone like me :) So I am purposing in my heart to continue to live each and every single second of my day for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but ALSO waiting patiently on Him for His timing of things. I am so grateful I serve a patient God!

Ok, so I am done rambling now. I think ya'll (no I am not southern I just love saying that) will be hearing alot about this kind of thing the next few days (since it is the lesson the Lord is currently teaching me!) so please bear with me :)

Today, is one of those slow days...I am going to be going back to work this upcoming week so that will be exciting! I will only be working two days a week when I start back (because I have been gone for so long) but hopefully I will start getting my regular hours again soon. It is just another oppurtunity to wait on the Lord and trust Him to take care of my needs :)

Youth group is tonight! Well, Awana for me and Andrew and Youth group for all the other people that are still in high school :-p I can hardly wait to see everyone :) OH! And we are taking a trip up to Word of Life Bible Institute this Friday. Jac, her mom, Scott, his mom, Abby, Andrew, and I are all going up together. We are leaving at like 4am. I didn't even know that was a time! lol :-p

Enough of my rambling! Have a blessed day the Lord is the One who gave it to you! Have you thanked Him for it? Just something to ponder...


Kelly Bryant said...

Word of life? Don't they have campuses all over the world?

HIS daughter said...

Canada, NY, and Fl are the only ones i have heard of...

Kelly Bryant said...

How about Argentina? I know there is such at thing as Word of Life Argentina, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're affiliated.

HIS daughter said...

Hmmm...I have never heard of it.