Sunday, February 01, 2009

Randomness (is that even a word?)

Hey all :)
So tonight I watched my 1st Superbowl ever at Laura's house. It was a lot of fun even though our team lost :( But that is OK (honestly I had never really watched football before and was completely lost!).
I am just being reminded over and over of God's faithfulness in this past year. On our way to the Olive Garden the other day our family was reminiscing about how far the Lord has brought us. IT WAS AMAZING!
Just thinking about how after 2 years having Cesar over for dinner/english lessons every other friday to a huge Bible study every friday night at the cafe WITH A SPANISH INTERPRETER. GOD IS SO GOOD!
THen just thinking about the people the Lord has brought into our life through Wyoming Church. We are just so so blessed...God is so good.
What do you have to praise HIm for?

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