Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hey All!

So my brain has been on overload and that is my excuse for not updating in a while LOL :) No seriously, school has been crazy and life has been crazier! God is good though and it is such a relief to be able to turn to Him when I am at the bottom of me! He is AWESOME!
So, yes...God has really been doing a work in me personally and in things around me. He has really mean teaching me the big meaning of the little word trust :) It is so amazing though how He provides! Ever since I willingly told Him that I would trust Him to provide for BBC wouldn't you know it? He has! (Go figure!) Things like a box with clothes in the mail, a job teaching Tae-kwon do, being able to babysit for a wonderful family! He is so good and I am just in Awe of all that He has done!
Wow. I have just been going through a lot these past week. A lot of things to entrust to the Lord. School has been CRAZY and then I got really sick. I started having really bad coughing spells and then 2 days ago in class I could not breathe. I had also just found out that I have an enlarged thyroid. So, I went to the docter this morning and was sooo incredibly sick it was bad. But they gave me some medicene and the a nebulizer test (which is one of the most embarrasing things to me ever! I couldn't stop drooling ANYWAY! lol :)) Afterwards, I couldn't breathe and almost fainted and then I couldn't stop shaking but it was just a side affect of the medicine and I got over it. So my problem? I have a reaction to the acne medicine that I am on. The result? I have an inhaler and I have to stop acutane (my acne medicine).
Ok, about stopping the acutane...here is another area for me to just trust the Lord. See, all my life I have been extremely self-conscious about my looks. Particularly me acne. And now...well, I thought that it would be gone forever and I would not have to deal with it anymore. I have always struggled with maybe that being the reason that guys seem not to like me or whatever. BUT, as I sit here and think about it I realize that that is the devil's lie. I mean, that is what the world is throwing at me and other girls like me but, what we have to realize is that our beauty should not just come from the outside but from our spirit within. I realized that my outward "beauty" (lol) will fade and continue to fade the older I get. Girls, here is a challenge for you to really rebel against the worlds definition of beauty and start enhancing you inward beauty which is really what matters! I am doing this also...lets pray for eachother and please write me and tell me what you think. Blessings...

PS: Here is an amazing website that is just...been a great blessing to be in finding my true beauty in the Lord: http://www.teen-beauty-tips.com/

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Anonymous said...

he website is pretty cool! hope u are feeling better!