Monday, October 06, 2008

200th Post and fall is here...

WHOA BABY! So, I have been blogging for 2 years and this is my official 200th post! Pretty neat stuff!

So today was a very interesting day. I slept in...really late...heh won't tell ya'll how late but hey I definately got my 8 hours in :-p And then I got up and got ready for work and went to work.

Well actually, today I was looking for a book and I happened to stumble across my last prayer journal. I have like 8 that are mostly from the past 2 years yeah I am obsessed (NOT REALLY). Anyway, so I started to read over it and I was struck with how faithful God has been to me over the past year.

Example: I had forgotten that one thursday night I went to Bible study (the one we have with our mennonite friends) which is every other thursday. After that study we break up in groups and pray and that week I had been struggling with the fact that I had no car or job and I desperately needed both. So, we prayed about it. 2 weeks later I was sitting in that same room praising the Lord because He had provided BOTH. My car and my job and the YMCA. In 2 weeks time! Anyway, so that was really neat to read over and just be reminded that God has been, is, and will be in control!

So I started my job at the YMCA on May 2, 2008. I read that in my journal and went "WHAT THAT IS IT???" It seriously feels like I have been there forever! I really do love my job and especially my bosses (one for cleaning and the one for the front desk).

So that brings me back to work today: Bob is my cleaning boss and Sally is my front desk boss (hah! that was weirdly worded). A few weeks ago I found out that Bob was retiring. WHICH IS GREAT! BUT really sad! So I was kinda wondering what my new boss will be like and all that jazz. So today, I found out that Sally got a different job and her last day will be the 17th. THAT was REALLY sad. Sally holds our building together (I am completely serious) and it will be a huge adjustment to someone new. I will miss her alot. She was very motherly and looked out for me...maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am the youngest person working there and everyone else is old enough to be my parents and some are old enough to be my grandparents but hey! No, she is an amazing lady and I really really enjoyed working with her. We have had a lot of good talks and she is really the best 1st ever boss that anyone could ever wish for...I am glad for her though. Her new job is closer to home but boy will I miss her! So that kinda bummed me out today :( I will now be getting 2 new bosses! Wow...

Ok, so besides that my day was pretty much normal. Me and Laura hung out tonight. We worked out together (I do work at a fitness gym I do need to use that sometime lol) and then we went to Tim Hortons for coffee. Of course I ended up getting a raspberry hot smoothie which, for your information, is one of the best drink creations on earth. The funny thing is I took to big of a sip and burned my mouth. I almost spit it out all over Laura but I restrained myself because how would that have looked to the cute guy and his friend sitting in the corner? hehe :-p Then I got home and watched Full house episodes with the family (it is our new favorite tv show) and now I am writing this and then I am off to bed!

Before that though...Fall is here! And I just randomly went and walked around in our woods one day (just happened to bring along the camera NOT that I carry it with me everywhere I go HONEST) and this is what I was walking through:

So that is my story for today :) I am wiped out! I need to sleep cause I have to babysit very early tomorrow morning! Blessings to you all and good night :)


danjcase said...

Hi Katy,
That was quite a day...beautiful pictures Diggle Dee.

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures! It looks like you had a beautiful walk! Good job on working out! I haven't since last Thursday...I need to soon. I hope baby-sitting is going well.

Isn't sleeping in wonderful? I got to sleep in until 7:30 today and it was lovely. (Yes, that is sleeping in for me during a school week.)

How fun to come across your prayer journal! I'm sorry you are losing both of your bosses in so short a time. That really stinks, but it sounds like you were blessed to have them while you did.

That drink sounds good. And I about burst out laughing about you almost spitting out your drink. Full House used to be my favorite show. I haven't seen it in so long! Have a great day!

Vicky said...

200 posts holy cow that is so cool! That means that you have been doing your blogging since my first semester @ GCC. ha lol. I just had to say that. Your pics look really cool and that i hope that your 2 new bosses are really nice. lol I like writing on your blog. If i were as creative as you, i would have a blog of my own but unfortunately i am not as creative as you. lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Kit Kat! Did you get the candy i sent you? :D Those are really pretty pics. Boy it's hard to believe that fall is almost in full swing. Love you so much katy! Talk to you later. Olivia