Sunday, October 12, 2008

A thousand apologies

Hey all!
So I am very sorry I have not been so faithful in updating...things have been incredibly crazy busy with work and when I am home I have been making a point to be sleeping as much as possible!

I must say one thing though: THE WEATHER IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! even though I haven't been able to be out in it as much as I would like :) It is fall for sure!

So besides work...not much has been going on in my life! I am trying to update my blog a bit and am currently working on getting some stuff done so that in the end I will have...yeah i am tired and making no sense but hey


I need to sleep...remember...GOD IS FAITHFUL.
Night all :)

(how sad is that i talked about work and the weather!?!?)

Ps: I had a chocolate peanut butter frappe tonight! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!

1 comment:

vicky said...

wait.. i thought that you were homeschooled and that you graduated. why are you taking a ged test, it is a good thing tad got his ged but why are you taking it?