Friday, October 03, 2008

Cafe Shiloh and Cookie Dough :)

Hey all!
What do two girls do after coming home late at night? Well, when there is a bowl of cooking dough there inbetween their computors...they sit there and with great self-control and maturity DO NOT dive into the bowl and eat it on the sly...nope not us!

So last night was a whole lot of fun! I got off of work at 7pm, dad picked me up, knowing that we had to be at Rose's at 7:30 AND I had to pick up Jaquie and Nini AND make myself semi presentable so we could be at Cafe Shiloh which is like 20 minutes away...yeah...we were only 10 minutes late AND that included us 3 girls getting ready and picking up the other 2. WE'RE AMAZING! hehe :)

Anyway, so the Cafe is really amazing. A church from our area bought it, refurbished it, and now run a ministry (donations only) for college kids and the like. So our Bible study group went and had an AMAZING time drinking coffee and root beer and eating the BEST cheesecake I have EVER had in my life!

After we had eaten we all went into their back room and Jen got out the guitar and we played and sang. It was a TON of fun and such a blessing :-) Ever come out to NY? Have to go there!

So, of course, I took a bazillion pictures (hey there is a reason for this but it is a surprise for Nini). Thought I would share some of my favorites with ya'll :) Here is just a small taste and then the rest I will

And the rest you can view here:


So yeah, I am off to bed but thinking of you all!
Blessings and Good Night!


vicky said...

sounds like fun! lol but why were the pics a surprise for Nini? oh and the whole cookie dough thing is priceless! lol

SSA said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. I simply love cookiedough! especially in DQ blisters. Yum!

Hope you're a wonderful weekend!

a_weak_rose said...

What fun!