Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day!

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there :)
Yes, today is Father's Day! And in one of those genius moments I am prone to have, we decided to get some parent/kid are the photos form annual Case family photo shoot 2008:

Since it IS Father's Day, We thought that it would be a great day to take pics of us kids with Dad because, #1 we have like none and #2 it would just be a nice memory. HAH! Well, Here we are! Lets Just say that Dan wasn't in a picture taking mood but at least the rest of us were! BTW: Dad was happy, he was just trying to get Danny to straighten up! Left to Right: Jen,Me,Dad, Abby, and Dan.

So then we decided to get some Mom/kid pictures because we didn't really have many and we didn't get any on Mother's day. SO there again: Left to Right: Mom, Dan (we were ready to throttle him! lol :p), me, Abby, and Jen.

Mom and Dad: I think that this is the best picture! I am so blessed to have 2 such amazing parents to love me and care for me! God is so good!

After us girls decided to get some "girls only" shots...We even got Gretchen in them even though as you can see it took some work! :)
So yes, it has been a wonderful and I have realized AGAIN just how blessed I am to have a family like I have.


danjcase said...

Hey Kate!
Those pictures turned out real nice...too bad the fat old man had to ruin them!
the Fat Old Man

Luv You!!

Kelly Bryant said...

Katy, just thought I'd mention you spelled genius wrong. Hehehehe!

HIS daughter said...

KELLY BRYANT! YOu are infuriating! (did I spell that right?) :p and NO I DID NOT! (so check again!)

a_weak_rose said...

YOu're mother does NOT age! Gosh, she is just so gorgeous! Go smother her with hugs and kisses for me, k?
love yoU!

syddcase said...

To my Missiest of Missies,
Girl you need a new eyeglass prescription! I guess I do look like I've never aged when you are about 1/2 mile away! But thanks.
How is your little Miracle? I don't get on blogs much but will try to get on yours...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad u had a great fathers day! the pictures turned out really great! you are lucky to have a father that is alive and well! i did not have a good fathers day cuz my dad is not alive :( but i spent the day w/my family so it was not 1/2 bad!