Thursday, June 26, 2008


Hey all you fellow bloggers out there!
I am home from Katie's house and let me tell was amazing ;) 1st time in a LOONNNNGGGG time I was able to get together with a girlfriend in PERSON! It is funny how when you get 2 girls with the same 1st name together crazy things happen!
Last night we watched a movie with the whole family. THEN, me and Sarah and Katie went upstairs to just hang out and ended up on the trampoline...It was like 12am and we were just laying there in the pitch dark looking at the sky when Katie decided to take a picture of us! HAH! Talk about BLINDED BY THE LIGHT! Anyway, this is me and Sarah...heh, we were tired.

So anyway, we decided that we were so incredibly comfy that we would just sleep on ,the trampoline. It was great...until, it started raining! So, at like 10 minutes to 4 am I wake up and was like " is raining." So I poked Katie and kinda mumbled "Katieit'sraining." With no response I (in my foggy state of mind) decided to just try to sleep again ,thinking the rain would stop. That worked for all of 10 minutes! The rain had completely soaked my pillow so I was rudely awakened to a river of water streaming from my completely soaked/water-logged pillow running down my neck, shoulders, and back. Needless to say we went into the house were we proceeded to sleep till about 9am (for me) and 9:30 for them.
ANYWAY, today was when the real fun began! I am a total country girl...and all country girls absolutely LOVE things like 4-wheeling, just randomly deciding to swim in a pond, and taking many random pictures! Which me and Katie accomplished today :)
We decided to go on a 4-wheeler ride 1st which was AMAZING! They live on a farm in the middle of nowhere so the scenery is absolutely gorgeous :)
So here we are on the 4-wheeler...Like the hoodie? It was not because it was cold it was to protect me from the bugs! Me and Katie both wore one and we got so hot! I felt so bad for her with that helmet on! Part of our walk was through this amazing pine forest. We saw this tree that looked like a knee so of course I had to get a pic. of Katie sitting on it! Then she got this really cool pic of me with the lane of trees...yeah it was pretty neat!

Katie found a 4-leaf clover...we were pretty cyched! That was right before we lost the camera and had to go look for it! We found it though and Katie made me walk into the middle of a meadow for a pic. Like my expression? I was telling her that if I happened to step on a snake I would kill her! She replied with "The snake would move faster then you." HAH!

After we had our 4-wheeler ride we were really hot. It was so muggy out! So, we decided to go swimming in their pond...heh, it was soooo much fun! Katie went right for it! Me...I was a little more hesitant! :p Oh, the water felt so good!The sad thing was...we were TRYING to dive of the board and I did not one, but TWO belly flops. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE!In the end, sore stomach and all, we had a great time!

After lunch, we decided to just go take random pictures. What country girls are complete w/o pics. by a tractor? Hehe...notice, my head doesn't even clear the top of the tire!

So yes, that is the re-cap of the great time I had at Katie's :) Sorry about all the pics...I am kinda starting to go crazy with the whole photoshop thing! Plus, I am getting excited about this next semester of college...I have a photography class and me and Katie are taking a karate class together :) That should be interesting! Anyway, I hope I didn't bore you all too much. Blessings to you all!

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Anonymous said...

No, you didn't bore me at all! I loved all the pics. Glad you had such a great time.