Friday, June 20, 2008

Thought this would be cool to do!

I am…sister, daughter, and friend.
I want…to know Jesus more deeply.
I wish…I could touch people's lives in a way that matters.
I hate strongly dislike…(we don’t use the word hate) not much.
I miss…being able to see my bff's face-to-face.
I fear…the future sometimes.
I feel…tired and pensive.
I hear…a quiet house and me chewing gum, along with the sound of typing.
I smell…abby's room.
I crave…harvest chedder sunchips, mountain dew, and strawberry twizzlers when I am sad.
I search…the internet to waste time.
I wonder…what this next year will hold.
I regret…the moments I don’t appreciate my life.
I love…being me: crazy, "unique", Kit Kat Kate.
I care…about hurting people.
I ache…for good girlfriends in the same city as me.
I always...want to live life to the fullest.
I am not…shy (most of the time).
I believe…in Jesus Christ.
I dance…only when I am being silly, with my girlfriends, or when no one can see me!
I sing...with my sis Jen and when I am driving in the car.
I cry…easily.
I don’t to let people in.
I fight…not being in control.
I write…on my blog, in my prayer journal.
I never…say never!
I listen…to a variety of music, definate romantic rocker chick!
I need…to learn to trust Jesus.
I am happy…in Christ.

Hah! Just some random stuff!


Kelly Bryant said...

Cool post! I got up the unearthly hour of 5 am to take my anorexia pill.(not really to all those people who don't understand this inside joke! It's a typhoid pill!) I like the "Kit Kat Kate" nickname!

HIS daughter said...

You like Kit Kat Kate huh :) And yah dude some people were probably going "what on earth is and anorexia pill?" Need to watch those inside jokes :p

Anonymous said...

Great post! I don't know if I've told you this or not but my sister's name is Jen, too! How cool is that?