Friday, December 05, 2008

Family Christmas Pictures :)

Hey all,
So the last time that our family actually went and had a professional family picture taken that about sums it up!
This Wednesday we took the plunge and went and got our Christmas pictures taken at the Y. We had a wonderful photographer name Lorie (her website will be coming out soon) and we later found out that she and her husband are fellow siblings in the Lord :) SO that was really really neat! are some of our favorites...


Meredith Ivy said...

How cute! You have a beautiful family.

melody said...

those are great pictures, Katy! I wish we could do that with our family, but it would be WAY too big of a hassle since we have so many little kids. They never cooperate so nicely when you want them to. ;)
tell Abby happy birthday!

vicky said...

The pics are so cool. It is hard to choose which one would be my favorite. :D

GoingMissionary said...

They turned out great!!

Anonymous said...

I'm your new SSA!! YAY! *_*

AUGH! Those pictures were have such a beautiful family!

Blessings and Prayers,
Your SSA