Sunday, December 14, 2008

Girls day :)

SO yesterday was a really fun day :) Me and Abby and Jac and Jacquie and Laura all drove up to the city (well actually I drove) and went shopping at the mall. It was so awesome to relax and laugh together. We helped Abby buy a new wardrobe (always fun :-p) and Laura and Jac and Jacquie got their Christmas shopping done and I...drove lol :-p

Anywho, so we took a ton of pictures and had an overall great time :)

SO shall we start at the beginning??? This is Jac heading into the mall. Let me tell you she is a girl on a mission when she has Christmas presents to buy!
SO yeah here are the rest...just random pictures from shopping and lunch. Me and Abby got chinese food and Jac, Jacquie, and Laura got Arby's. Then after we got home Jacquie stayed and we watched movies and folded laundry and ate ramen. Yeah it was great :) Here are the pics :)

It was such a fun day and I am just amazed over and over and over again the wonderful sisters-in-Christ I have been blessed with. Not only can we laugh together but we shared our hearts and talked about God. It was a wonderful day! If you are wondering :)
~The engagement rings...the one with the 3,000 price tag was my pic and the other was Jacquie's :-p I changed my mind though and I like hers better now b/c it is simple but elegant (the way I like things) plus...3,000 that is just WAYYYY too much! :-p
~The foot under the door...Abby was having wardrobe problems so Jac crawled under the door to save her :0)
~JUST FOR THE RECORD!!! I was having chinese for lunch (it was amazing) and all the other girls had Arby's. MY LUNCH WAS BETTER (*cough* Laura Jacquie and Jac) And abby thought so too :) Us sisters stick togetha! lol :-p
~The laundry told me to fold and Jacquie b/c she chose being considered family over friends she pitched in too :) Explanation: whenever we have one of us kids friends that are "new" mom asks them if the would rather be friend or family. The difference? If you are just want to be considered a friend we kinda wait on you hand and foot. However, if you want to be considered family, you clean when needed and raid our cupboards when you want too and never ask "can i use your bathroom" you just go ahead and do it! lol :-p
~Me, Abby, and Jacquie on the couch...we were watching a movie and all were exhausted and so i was leaning on Jacquie's shoulder and then Danny took the picture and abby goes "wait! I have to look like i am touching her too!" Hence the very posed looking (on Abby's part) picture :-p
~And yes those pics on the couch are when I really don't care anymore. No make-up, my hair was crazy and I was so pale (from exhaustion) I look like death warmed over! And yet I still put them on blogland for you all to laugh!
Anywho, Just thought I would share that with ya'll!
God is so good :) I just cannot praise enough for His many blessings and His love and yeah...just amazing!
What is He doing in your life lately????
Have a blessed night :)


Anonymous said...

Hey! Wow....GREAT photos!! looked such an awesome day of sisterchick fun! I love to go shopping with my sister..needless to say we get a little crazy...but we wouldn't eat matter how hard I beg and plead for her to let us eat Chinese, she'd prefer something like Texas Roadhouse er something. (not that I mind that

Merry Christmas!!
Your SSA..=D

Kelly Bryant said...

Did you guys seriously take pictures with a real camera in one of those crazy mall photo booths? Hahahaha, I love it!