Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Something worth thinking about

Hey all!
So lately the Lord has really been doing some pruning. It is amazing how you can get to a point and think oh I am doing better and then the Lord just shows you all that you have yet to work on! I got a book for christmas that has been a huge part of this conviction process! It is called "Set-Apart Femininity" and is by Leslie Ludy. Here is an excerpt that really grabbed my attention:

"For the past 12 years, Eric and I have challenged our generation not to ask the question "how far is too far" when it comes to inward and outward purity, but instead to ask "how far can i possibly go to please God and honor my future spouse?" Now, I realized that I needed to stop asking the question "how much can i get away with" when it comes to world entertainment, and instead ask "how much of my time, energy, money, and attention can i possible give to the Lord who died to save me?"
As I allowed God's Word to speak to my heart, I realized that asking that question would not lead to the stuffy, legalistic, no-fun version of christianity I was so turned-off by. Rather, it would lead to the dazzling, transforming, radiant beauty of Christ that I longed to exude. It would lead to an even greater depth of sweet intimacy with the Lover of my soul.
When we lay everything at the feet of Jesus and find out deepest fulfillment, rest, peace, strength, and joy in His presence alone-not dulling out spiritual life with wordly counterfeits-we are ushered into the supernatural, superhuman axistence God designed us to live. THat's when the presence of God draws near. That's when our prayers are heard and answered. That's when the life we read about in Scripture actually becomes our reality.
Most of us constantly battle with the fact that God is distant, intimacy with Christ is difficult to obtain, and our prayers don't seem to be heard. But God says, "You will seek Me and find Me, if you search for Me with ALL your hearts" (Jeremiah 29:13).
Today's young women aren't finding Him because wer aren't searching for HIm with ALL OUR HEARTS. We are to preoccupied with watching reality shows, too busy downloading the latest songs on iTunes, and too enamored with Hollywood's newest productionm to let our whole beings be poured forth in constant and unreserved devotion in the sevice of the Lord who dies to save us.
Most of us feel we don't have enough time for prayer and seeking God. But we don't even consider giving up our nightly TV time, out weekend movie fests, or our iTunes fetish in exchange for spending time in His presence?
First Timothy 5:6 says, "She who lives in pleasure is dead while she lives." That's a sadly accurate description of today's young Christian woman. Christ-professing modern femininity is steeped in selfish pleasure; pursuing the Marie lifestyle of popularity and worldly applause, pining after the attractions and delights of the culture, And, as a result, we are dead inside. We possess nothing but hollow, propped-up beauty and fake hearts. Christ came so that we might have LIFE and have it more abundanyly (John 10:10). Building our life around His pattern rather than the world's does not lead to stiff spirituality and legalism. Echanging counterfeit worldly pleasure for the eternal delights of God's kingdom does not bring misery and death.

It goes on to say more but you need to just read the book for yourself :) As I was reading that it was like the Lord just asked me point blank what kind of changes I was willing to make in order to get to know Him better...kinda scary to actually think about then do but SO worth what do you think?

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