Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fun, fun, fun, and pain?

Hey all you fellow bloggers out there :)
So, this past Tuesday our family and JD and Jackie and then Brandon and Jamie went to Darien lake :) It was so much fun! My friend Laura ended up coming and hanging out a little bit that made it even more fun for me! So, yes it was a ton of fun BUT I ended up getting this crazy horribly like out of this world sunburn and coupled with the fact that I could barely move because I had taken this aerobic class monday night I was in alot of pain! Which like reached its peak yesterday! I have never felt so sick in my life! lol :) ANyway, it is better now But i thought I would share some pics that I took with ya'll :)

Coming up to Darien Lake :)

Of course the 1st logical thing to do when going to a theme park is to buy a huge gummy snake :-p For once I had nothing to do with this! I was on the phone with this weird survey guy who was asking my questions like "Are you single? Why? Is it because you have a special someone but aren't official yet or have you just not found the right one?" HOW WEIRD IS THAT???? Anyway! Us and our gummy snake (which was consumed about 3.5 seconds after these pics. were taken lol):

On some rides:

And everyone...except me, Jackie, and Jamie...eating dinner with this baptist pastor we met and his son:

And after like a 10 hour day there...we got home! Jackie and JD spent the night at our house which was really fun :) (don't worry dan and jd were downstairs and us girls were all the way upstairs!) We were tired can't you tell? lol:

I wore flipflops and this was what my feet looked like after walking around all day BLECK!

And FINALLY!!!! Den din din...our sunburns! And yes THEY ARE AS PAINFUL AS THEY LOOK!!!!!

And then...we went to bed and slept very late :) And after a movie with the fam :) That is what I am off to do! Blessings to you all and the next chapter for my book will be coming soon :)


The Kings Ranch said...

Who was the outstanding photographer who took the first picture? Hmmm? I know, I know, hold the applause. :) Love ya!

HIS daughter said...

Well...hmmm. I was driving. Otherwise I would have totally thought to take that pic! lol Love ya too :-)