Monday, August 25, 2008

When God writes your life story: Chapter 2

In a nutshell:

"God created us to experiance vibrant daily intimacy with Him and to constantly pursue even greater depths of relationship with Him. But too often, once we scratch the surface of knowing Him, we pitch our tent. We stop pursuing Him. We stop seeking Him. And instead of having a daily, passionate relationship with our God, we settle for an imitation. We become trapped in the shallowness of the Christian game. We sing songs about His love and read books about His grace, but we rarely experiance Him in our daily lives.
To experiance the soimething more that each of us longs for, we must put away the Christian game, reject our imitation versions of Christianity, pack up our tents, and embark upon the adventure of TRULY KNOWING GOD. We must shake off the settler's mentality and become pioneers, passionately persuing more and more of our King."


So we are on to chapter 2 and let me tell you! WOW! This book has been such a huge challenge to my own personal walk with Jesus already and I haven't even read the 3rd chapter!

So, I realized that i have been settled in my walk with the Lord. I have let so many things slide. Like: books I read, movies I watch(big one), the words that come out of my mouth, the things that I allow certain people to see in me and don't show other parts of me (like my faith) to people that really need to see it...and the list goes on and on. I DON"T WANT TO BE LIKE THIS ANYMORE!!! I do not want to be a settler! I want to be a pioneer for JESUS. I want to live EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE for HIM!!!!
Has it ever occurred to you that the next breath any one of us takes could be our last? That some of us could NOT HAVE tomorrow to tell that person about the Lord or really spend time getting to know Jesus better?
Have you ever dreamed about reaching for the impossible? Are you discontent with living a mediocre life for Jesus? Are you ready to make a difference for the Lord and have a passionate, vibrant relationship with Him? It is a relationship and it does take effort...
I don't want to be an ordinary run-of-the-mill christian any longer...I WANT OTHERS TO SEE JESUS WHEN THEY TAKE JUST ONE GLANCE AT ME. Please listen to this is right above the about my on the right of my page. This so has challenged my heart so much this past week...i am sure it will challenge yours as well.

The Bible talks about how as Christians we are like a mirror and what we should be reflecting is Jesus that what we are reflecting?
Settler or pioneer...the choice is yours and mine...we only have one life to live...lets make it count!

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a_weak_rose said...

A pioneer for Jesus. . . I like that!
YOu are a godly young woman and my heart thrills to see your life!
Love you!